Night vision – how does it work.

Night vision – how does it work.

Nostalgia is a beneficial and unusual feeling that we all tend to experience. Sometimes it is useful and great to indulge in memories. And think of the times when the grass was greener, and the clouds moved faster across the sky. Sometimes it seems that the past is much brighter and more pleasant than the present. Such sensations become especially strong when you read articles about the best video games of the past or watch classic films like Back to the future of Terminator 2.

Undoubtedly, our past is beautiful, and, sometimes, it is useful to return to it, at least in thoughts. But let’s not forget that it seems that it used to be better only because of cognitive biases. Progress does not stand still and things that in the past seemed unthinkable and incredible today are commonplace, something that we use every day.

Any, even not expensive and budgetary smartphone of a modern person is much more powerful than the Apollo 11 mission’s computers, which landed the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin team on the surface of the moon. Actually, our modern phones replace a whole room of technology designed to perform completely different tasks.

This state of affairs is true for any branch of our life, but it is especially typical for high-tech and demanding products. If you pay close attention to what AGM Global Vision is offering today, then you probably won’t be able to believe that a couple of decades ago, no one could have imagined such the abundance of unique equipment on the civilian market.

Although night vision technology ( is a relatively young invention, humanity has raved about it for almost the entire history of civilization’s existence. Even at the dawn of their history, our ancestors were well aware that they have no physical advantages compared with other representatives of the animal world. There are no fangs, no wings, no deadly claws, and a man runs very slowly. The only thing thanks to which a person ascended to the top of the food pyramid is the brain. And it turned out to be enough to stay at this top, and at the same time, develop technologies that neutralize all the shortcomings of a weak body.

One of the challenges that have always worried us was extremely poor eyesight and the inability to see anything in the night’s dark. In the twentieth century, the scientific development results and the industrial revolution gave their results, and we received the prototypes of night vision devices.

Night vision technology has been learned from animals. The most striking and accessible example is domestic cats. Their vision mechanism is simple and elegant. Moreover, you can watch it live. In normal light, the pupils of the cat are narrow and barely visible. With a lack of lighting, the pupils dilate, allowing the maximum possible number of light signals to pass through, processed by specific particles. As a result, the cat gets an illuminated picture.

Night vision devices copy these mechanisms, in fact, being an analog of the ability that nature has invented over thousands of years of evolution. In the 20s of the twentieth century, the prototypes appeared using these mechanisms. By the 1930s, a group of Dutch scientists had created a practical device called the Holst’s Glass , which became the basis for subsequent iterations of night vision devices. Today, you can purchase a kit and assemble such a device at home, but then it looked like a real breakthrough.

As we have already mentioned, the principle of operation of modern devices simply copies animals’ natural skills. It’s just that all-natural ingredients have been replaced with artificial ones. The device accumulates the available light, multiplying these signals. After that, they are processed, and the operator gets an informative and understandable picture of observing the location in the green spectrum. Why in the green spectrum, you ask? Everything is straightforward. Night vision color is not the result of a random choice of color; there is a completely logical and adequate explanation for this.

The fact is that the human eye can perceive up to 400 shades of green, and the gamma itself does not irritate the observer for a long time. A pleasant bonus is the economic energy consumption with such a display palette. And the duration of operation of such devices is a significant factor because they are often used for hunting or during military operations.

New generations of night vision devices also offer a black and white palette for displaying observation results. Experts insist that these options are much more informative due to the higher contrast and depth. But, such devices are rare and very expensive, so this discussion is open.

The modern market offers an incredible variety of night vision devices. You can purchase monoculars that fit in your jacket pocket, hold a charge for a long time, and are indispensable on long hikes. Binoculars are the choice of professionals who need long and careful monitoring of the location. They are comfortable, although rather large in size. Of the minuses, it is worth adding that they need to be held in hand.Visit the site for best hunting binoculars.

If you want your hands to be free, night vision goggles are your choice. A lighter and more compact version of binoculars attached to a helmet or worn on the head using special equipment. This is the ultimate solution – you will be able to see all details, and your arms are free to use the weapon.

And, of course, the scopes. These are lightweight and functional devices that attach directly to the weapon. They are adapted for shooting not only because of the special reticle but also because of the design that can withstand your rifle’s recoil.

An important aspect is the fact that all the time, night vision devices continue to get cheaper. Today you can find the necessary modification of excellent quality and at a reasonable price. The main secret of a competent purchase, which will delight you for a long time, is to find a reliable partner who will allow you to purchase the desired device at a pleasant price and serve it for a long time. If you ask for, then it is difficult to find a better choice than AGM Global Vision on the market.

And let nothing spoil your enjoyment of using the products of our cutting-edge science.