Next-Level Business Automation: 6 Tools That Help You Get Things Done

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you can never have too many to-do lists. So many of us are overwhelmed with the number of tasks we need to accomplish each day. The next-level business automation tools we’ve collected for this post will help you organize your life and work more efficiently.

  • Trello

Easily create boards for anything you need to organize, like your big project, inventory, or team’s plan for the week.

Details: Set up boards to manage the different aspects of your business. For example, you can create a board for each major aspect of your business so you can keep track of all the tasks you need to complete.

  • Zapier

With Zapier, you can automate tedious tasks that are difficult to do manually. You can connect all of your apps and send information between them, making all of your apps work together in sync.

  • PaymentCloud 

If you’re looking for a next-level business automation tool, consider using PaymentCloud. This platform helps small- and medium-sized businesses easily manage and grow their operations by processing digital and card payments online, helping businesses get paid faster. The company’s value proposition is growing profits, streamlining operations and gaining access to the best global payment methods in the world. Visit to learn more!

  • Slack 

Slack is a fun way to communicate with your team. It is a place that allows you to share links, ideas, and most importantly, collaborate on projects. You can create a whole chat room just for a project you’re working on. You can also create a chat room for different departments, which makes finding the right person who can help you with a specific topic much easier. It keeps conversations organized and makes it easy to follow so you don’t have to go from one email thread to another to find out what’s going on. Slack also allows you to share files, so if someone emails you a document, you can send it over to them by sharing it in a specific chat room. Slack is a great way to start your business automation with one tool that can help you communicate with your team in a fun way without having too many tools.

  • Jira. 

In agile environments, it’s important to have a system that facilitates the easy delivery of work from development to product owners to QA. Jira, by Atlassian, is a collaboration platform that helps teams manage their work from initial ideation to deployment. It allows for the quick and easy delivery of work products and documents, tracking and monitoring of all stages and tasks, and sharing and collaborating on backlogs and roadmaps. The platform has many ways to filter and view tasks and projects, whether you’re looking at all tasks or just incomplete ones. The ease of use Jira offers makes it a tool that can grow with your business since it comes in both free (Jira Core) and paid (Atlassian Professional Services Jira Server) versions.