My Favorite Video Game and Why

The difference between our breath and the seconds that did pass-by are just another few seconds, LOL!

This is because we’ve spent a whole chunk of our lifespans taking our breaths; not to mention that it is essential to our lives.

I can’t say the same here, but video gaming did get a fair share out of my lifespan too.

Right from my childhood, I love to associate myself with video games, and now that I’m old enough, I had that inspiration to work as a video game developer or something within that line.

I wouldn’t get mad at you if you choose to call me a video game addict, because that’s what it seems.

More so, here I am; trying to speak to you about my favorite video game and why.

BTW if you are a medicine enthusiast you may love the newly released surgeon simulator 2 as well.

If you are a real-time gamer, chances are that you would understand that not so many games scale through your radar as a favorite.

One game that did scaled through mine was FIFA, and with FIFA21 already on the show things are even more exciting than they used to be, and here are few reasons why FIFA  happens to be my favorite game:

1.       So Popular

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can gist up someone on the next block about your new gaming tactics and achievements?

Well, many people are on FIFA and your neighbors might be interested too, so, having some friends to chat with about my gaming developments had inspired me to remain on FIFA.

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2.       Top-Notch Graphics

Grandma came to watch me play FIFA some years back, I could remember her not figuring the fact that the players aren’t real people, and the stadiums either, till I opened it up to her.

Then, I was like FIFA has the best graphics ever, and now that years pass under definitive improvements to graphics, I have no idea if another Grandma or even a parent this time will insist if the players aren’t real again.      

3.       Different Game Modes

With FIFA, there are many gaming modes to choose from; the ultimate team that allows players to create a custom squad, FIFA Volta that gave life to street football gaming, the career mode that makes the challenges very real are some FIFA modes I  hardly get bored of.

4.       Awesome Controls

The way players respond with a great deal of precision to my gamepad makes it seem like my entire gaming console was built solely for FIFA.

The controls are just befitting.

5.       Transfer Market

Other than the gameplay, I enjoyed exploring my trading abilities by scanning through the FIFA transfer market to trade cards for coins.

I’ve also heard so many people deriving greater satisfactions just as they would with the gameplay, but on the transfer market.

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FUTMillionaire is some App you should check out if you are a FIFA fan, and if you are not, I’ll like to have you air out your best video game and experience in the comment section.