10 Movies about Nomads that will inspire you to travel the world.

Movies about nomads

Are you a travel enthusiast seeking inspiration for your next adventure? Look no further than this list of 10 movies about nomads that will take you on a thrilling journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. 

From the stunning deserts of Mongolia to the rugged Scottish highlands, these movies showcase the unique cultures and lifestyles of nomadic communities across the world. 

When considering IMDB ratings, “Into the Wild” is the top-rated movie on the list. Stay until the end of the article to know the best movies about nomads.

1. Into the Wild (2007) (IMDB movie review 8.1)

Into the Wild is a true story-based movie inspired by a book “Into the wild” by Jon Krakauer. The plot revolves around a college student who abandons everything and travels to Alaska to live a nomadic life in the Wild. The movie was directed by Sean Penn and premiered in 2007.  

The story of Christopher McCandless is subjected to the movie storyline. Christopher is a well-educated guy from a wealthy family. But he decided to donate all his wealth to charity and travel across America to Alaska. He met various people along the Way, and the challenges taught us valuable life lessons.  He is also known as Alexander Supertramp. Finally, he decided to stay in an abandoned bus, where he died tragically.

The film has already received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations and an 8.1 IMDB rate. It’s worth watching.

“Even the main lead lost his life during his journey. This movie teaches us the importance of sharing our life with our family and friends.”

Into the Wild

2. Embrace of the Serpent (2015) (IMDB movie review 7.8)

Embrace of the Serpent is an adventure drama film about an Amazonian shaman. It grows through two stories thirty years apart.

The shaman traveled with two scientists in 1909 and 1940, searching for the same fictional plant called Yakruna. Cirro Guerra directed the film, and it was released in 2015. The story reveals the nature and the tribal culture of the Amazon

It holds a 7.8 IMDb rating. So, if you are a tropical culture lover, this is the best movie to watch.

“Nature isn’t a part of humans, and humans are just a small part of nature.”

Embrace of the Serpent Movie
Embrace of the Serpent (2015)

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) (IMDB movie review 7.3)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an Adventurous comedy-drama movie. The story concerns Walter Mitty’s exciting journey to find a missing photo negative. Ben Stiller directed the film. And the movie was released in 2013.

Walters contacted photojournalist Sean O’Connell. Because the magazine he was working on is printing its final print issue. However, he didn’t find the negative for the cover photo. So he decided to follow Sean on his Way to different destinations.

So the film has a 7.3 IMDB rating. And many travelers love the variety of places he visits.

 “Pay more attention to what and who is around you. Because the one you’re looking for can always be close by without you noticing” will be the best takeaway from watching this film.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

4. North Face (2008) (IMDB movie review 7.4)  

The North Face is a German historical adventure movie. It’s based on two friends’ attempts to climb Eiger mountain. Philipp Stölzl directed the movie and released it in 2008. The movie is based on a famous 1936 tragedy.

Five climbers died in the incident, and many documentaries have been made about it. The story revolves around three childhood friends, Tony, Andi, and Louise, who join a competition to climb the dangerous rock face Alps. But finally, it ends with the tragic death of the two friends, Tony and Andi. But the movie is the best for adventurous mountain climbers despite the sad end. So, it has a 7.4 IMDb rating. Then why not try watching it once?

“friends are the ones who dont give up on us even at their worst time.” 

North Face
North Face

5. Wild (2014) (IMDB movie review 7.1)

Wild is a biographical adventure drama movie. The movie is about a woman’s solo hike to overcome her past life trauma. The movie was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and premiered in 2014. It’s based on the book “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed.

Cheryl Strayed decided to go on a hike after her mother’s death, and the marriage failed to release stress. She met different people with different backgrounds along the journey. Each one of them teaches new lessons in her life. So, finally, the movie ends with her successful future self explaining the lessons she learned from the journey.

The scenery in the film catches the attention of many travel enthusiasts and has a 7.1 IMDB rating.

After watching the movie you will understand that “enjoying the moment and giving life a second chance will always bring you the happiness you always searched for.” 


6. The Way (2010) (IMDB movie review 7.3) 

The Way is an American-Spanish drama film. The plot revolves around a Christian pilgrimage along the “Camino de Santiago” with his ashes. Emilio Estevez wrote and directed the film.

Dr Thomas Avery, the main character decided to take the same path his son did when he died, carrying his son’s ashes.

The movie is rich in views from the mountain range on the border of France and Spain. In-depth, this film depicts father-son love. However, many mountain hikers favour the movie.

So it has a 7.3 IMDB rating with a good box office record. So if you are a mountain hiker, this is the best movie.

“You are never too late to find the journey of your life.”

The Way
The Way

7. Tracks (2013) (IMDB movie review 7.1)

The film Tracks is based on a true story. It was directed by John Curran and released in 2013. Robyn Davidson decided to travel 2,000 miles across West Australia’s desert.

The story of movie is about a woman traveling across the Australian desert with her dog and four camels. Her wish for solitude is why she wishes to travel with her dog and the camel. However, because of financial difficulties, she asked for help from National Geographic Magazine.

The movie shows the viewer beautiful pastures across the desert. Also, John’s idea about freedom and finding self-love is a key highlight of the film.

As a result of all of this, the film was nominated for and won numerous awards. Accordingly, it has a 7.1 IMDB rating.

“Appreciating who you are and loving yourself is the best start for finding the reason for your existence in this world” is the key takeaway after watching the movie.


8. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) (IMDB movie review 7.7)

The Motorcycle Diaries is a biographical film based on Che Guevara’s motorcycle journey as a young man. That journey inspired him to become a revolutionary leader a few years later.

Walter Salles directed the movie, which was released in 2004. Ernesto Guevara, aka Che Guevara, decided to travel across America with his friend Alberto Granado

The film has excellent cinematography and covers many beautiful South American travel destinations. With that, the movie has a 7.7 IMDB rating.

So if you also love to explore America like Che Guevara, this is the best movie for you.

“Not only that, but this film explains why we should treat everyone equally, regardless of their social status.”

The Motorcycle Diaries

9. The Art of Travel (2008) (IMDB movie review 6.3) 

The art of travel is an adventure travel movie. It’s based on the journey of a high school graduate who calls off his wedding. Thomas Whelan was directed and released in 2008. Conner Layne found out his fiance is cheating just before the wedding.

Despite the painful experience, he decided to go on his planned honeymoon alone. And planned his journey across Central America. Finally, he met a rag-tag foreign group and joined them to cross Darien Gap.

The movie has a great review and a 6.3 IMDB rate. So, this is the best movie for those who are heartbroken but want to travel.

“you can feel that you are never too late to change your destination.”

The Art of Travel
The Art Of Travel

10.The Nomad (2005) (IMDB movie review 5.8)

Nomad is a fictional historical film set in the 18th century in Kazakhstan. The story is based on the life of a young warrior in the Ablai Khan era. The movie was directed by Sergei Bodrov, Ivan Passer, and Talgat Temenov.

And the story revolves around how the boy destined to unite three warrior tribes grew into a great warrior over the years. The movie also explores Kazakhstan culture.

The film was nominated for 79 Academy Awards, including the best foreign language film. It also has a rating of 5.8 on IMDB.

“Regardless of where you came from or how you performed. It’s all about waking up the warrior inside you,” is the message you receive from The Nomad movie.

The Nomad
The Nomads


All of us have different journeys in our lives. We must take different paths and meet new people along the Way. Movies are an excellent source of life lessons and new travel destinations. As a result, movies about nomads are a great resource for travelers and homebodies. Whether you like to travel or not, they can inspire us to travel to unexpected destinations without fear. So, try out the above-mentioned movies for good travel inspiration.

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