Motivate your self to Study| 8-Step guide to kick out the procrastinator in you.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a school kid or a Ph.D. candidate. It is only human to procrastinate, especially when it comes to education.

When it comes to education, constant studying is a must. But most people find it extremely hard to study due to procrastination. It is more appealing to watch a youtube video or browse through Facebook. 

Instant Gratification kills motivation.

As human beings, we all have the urge to get instant Gratification. We like to watch a movie even though the 50-page assignment is due tomorrow. Why do we do that? The little things that deviate us from the primary task give us instant pleasure. It makes us happy for an instant. You don’t care about the Ph.D. you are going to receive in another two years when instant Gratification hits you. Instant Gratification demands you to watch your favorite cat videos on youtube or find out what your friends had for their dinner through Instagram.

How to overcome procrastination by suppressing Instant Gratification?

It’s so easy to watch just one more video on youtube or to scroll through your TikTok feed only a little more. But all your deadlines on assignments and exams are approaching way fast.

And suddenly, something called ‘panic’ knocks you. This is when you will immediately start to repent over all the time you have been wasted. You start to accumulate a grudge against yourself. Then you get stressed more.

To overcome procrastination, it is a must to beat the above cycle.

Top ways to avoid procrastination

  1. Be Organised: One of the main reasons why procrastination could hit you so hard could be having an unorganized time table. You think you have time but in real lifetime flies so fast. At one point, all the tasks that you thought would only take 15 minutes to finish off make a week’s work collectively. Now that the workload is really high, you let yourself get defeated over instant Gratification. 
  2. Make achievable & simpler goals: Rather than jumping in to do the entire thesis over one night. Make sure you cut down the entire project into simple, achievable pieces. You can set up SMART goals. 
  3. Set deadlines and work through a time plan: Make sure you are working in discipline with a timeline. You can use online free time management tools such as Trello
  4. Get rid of distractions: When you want to focus more on your education work, it is a must not get distracted. Keep your phone away from your table. Change the environment of study. Turn off the TV. Quit checking up Facebook for notifications. To keep yourself stay focused, you can try listening to calming classical music.
  5. Take a break: Make sure while you work, you get small breaks in between. You can plan to have a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of studying. This way, you will not feel drained or exhausted. During the break, you can check your phone or take a walk outside. But make sure the break does not violate the timebound limit of 5 minutes.
  6. Get a dose of motivation: Make sure you keep yourself motivated. Read some quotes that show the importance of education
  7. Reward yourself: Once a certain goal of your study plan is achieved, make sure to reward yourself. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show do something that may satisfy your instant Gratification.
  8. Make sure the hard part is over first: When setting up the goals, it is better to have the hard section of your plan to be pushed initially. That way, when ultimately ‘panic’ hits you, it won’t make you freak out.

Discipline is the key to overcome procrastination.

Once you start to follow the above small steps, you will realize that you, yourself, are building the inner discipline that you lacked. This discipline will keep you away from procrastination. However, keep in mind, it is only human to procrastinate!

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