Most Recommended Online Casino Games For Beginners

If you are new to casinos and gambling, the online world gives you more opportunity now. Nowadays, you do not need to leave your house to get a casino experience, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, and your own couch.

But, now it is no longer the wonder of which casino you should visit, or if you should make a day of it. Now the biggest challenge is which online casino to join, and which games you should start playing. 

Luckily for most, online casinos do offer free games to help you choose which games are best for you, and test the water before diving in. It lets you learn the ropes and experience the games without losing any money. 

But, if you want to figure out which games you should try, we have a list for you. A list of the best online casino games for new players. 

Sure, there are so many options of casino games to play, and even more with the limitless space offered by online casinos, but there are some that are just better for newbies. 

So, what are they?

Best For Beginners

Some of the best games for beginners are the simplest ones, or the classics. Classic games are a good place to start, because you do not even need to have been to a casino or gambled before to know about them. 

The online world, and media world have opened us up to knowledge about the classics without having to play them. How often do you see TV shows that include talk or poker? 

Anyway, let’s get onto our list! 


What is great for beginners? The ability to play slots online for real money, slots are without a doubt, the easiest game to play. You need no real strategy (except perhaps understanding how RNG’s work, and the RTP ratings). 

Slots are simple, and they can pay out quite well. However, they are easily addictive, so that is the only thing you need to think about. 

One thing we love about slots is that if you do not have a massive bankroll, slots are ideal. Most slots will allow you to play with pennies. Just a quarter or a dime per play, although each turn is over very fast, so you can go through more than you’d think. 

Video Poker

Video poker is also pretty easy to get to terms with. Of course, you will need to do some revision on poker hand rankings and the different types of poker. 

But, it is good to play, and many love it because it is a great way to spend some money and make the most of it, simply because the house edge is very low. 

There are many types of poker out there though, and you can play 3-card, Texas Hold’em, and so on. Whatever you do though, make sure you know the hand rankings before you play. 

If you do enjoy strategy and learning this is an ideal game, and playing online can improve your in-person game too. So, you can show off to your friends! 


Blackjack is pretty basic. Reach 21, do not go over 21, and try to beat the dealer. 

In blackjack, cards 2-9 are valued at this face value, cards 10-King are all rated at 10, while Aces can be 1 or 11. There are strategies you can use, however, this really just means you know when to stand, double down, hit, and split. 

Having strategy can lower the house edge in blackjack, but the house edge is not exceedingly high to start with. Especially in comparison to other games such as craps or American roulette (more on this later). 

In blackjack, you play against the dealer to reach 21 first but not exceed 21. You can make many bets, and can even split your hand if you get two of the same, and play two hands. 

It is a simple and easy game to start with, and most of us already know the ropes with this one.


Roulette is another simple game. European Roulette has one 0 and American has a 0 and 00, this is why American Roulette will have a higher house edge. 

You can make different bets, typically inside bets or outside bets. Outside bets have a higher chance of you winning, but they also have a smaller payout. 

Outside bets can be black, red, evens, odds, row, column, etc. Inside bets can be as finite as just one particular number.

It is totally up to chance, and the only strategy you can have here is to play inside or outside bets. While inside bets can have a very high payout, the chances of winning are very low.  Outside bets give you a higher chance of winning, but lower payouts.


Baccarat is simple and not so different from blackjack in some ways. 

It is so easy to understand, and it is easy to play. Place your money on Banker, Player, or Tie – meaning you are betting on the player, banker, or on a tie. The dealer will deal a hand, and the cards are counted. 

You do not need to worry about what the dealer does, just watch the game, and see if you win. 

You basically get to feel like you’re a character in a Bond film, without really knowing what is going on. 

New To Gambling? Bingo! 

If you are completely new to the world of gambling however, you do not need to play any of these ‘classic’ casino games, you could first try your hand at bingo. This is probably the most common gambling game in the western world, it is played all over the place. 

There is no need for strategy, talent, or restrictions, and it relies entirely on chance. 

So, if you want to dip your toes in before trying your hand at something a little more casino classic, why not give bingo a go, and work your way up from there.