Mobile App Trends That’ll Rule in 2021

Mobile App Trends That’ll Rule in 2021

The world of technological developments is changing at a faster pace than ever before. We once used the puny phone in our hands to make a few calls only, but all of that has changed for the better. 

Smartphones have evolved and the rapidly evolving mobile applications are to be accredited for it. Will this be the year of ‘tiktokers’ or is there more to the future? This list of the top trending types of apps and their usage is our peep into the future. Let’s have a look at how we will be using our cell phones in the coming year:

Apps for Wearable Devices

Ironically, people prefer to avoid relying on their smartphones for most purposes. But, those who work in the tech-realm have decided something else for us. They are making anything and everything manageable from a wearable device. You know, like the ones you can manage using Samsung Gear and iWatch.

Wrist devices are just the tip of the iceberg; the coming year is expected to show us the ‘new’ in wearable devices. We’ll be able to reach full functionality of our mobile phone with these devices. App developers are focusing on developing better integration in such apps to include more features and better connectivity.

E-Commerce Apps

Anyone doing business in this modern age knows that e-commerce presence has become necessary. Anyone who works in the e-commerce industry knows how important it is to have an app. This means that 2021 will see an exponential increase in e-commerce platforms and mobile versions of brick-and-mortar stores worldwide.

Most people prefer to shop online now, if not out of necessity than out of convenience. Dependence on shopping apps is inevitable. The pandemic has added to the aggression with which e-commerce is growing globally. Even sellers with conventional stores are opting to reach new customers online.

Mobile Wallet Apps

You can’t just pay on an online shopping app with hard cash, can you? Nothing tops the convenience that lets us make payments with just a tap on the screen no matter where our actual funds are. But, the question is, is it safe to access our funds online?

This opens a whole new realm of possibilities where developers can enhance users’ experience in online money management. If you’re guessing we’re hinting towards crypto-currency, then you’re smart! It may be in the shadows as of now, but soon, crypto-currency will be used for trade. Before we know it, our phones will have at least a few apps to manage this digital form of currency and its exchange.

On-Demand Services Apps

On-Demand services are no longer limited to food deliveries anymore. Success stories like Airbnb have shown that you can avail anything ‘on demand’ through an app.

Every time you go scrolling through new apps, you’ll always find a new On-Demand app that wasn’t there before. More businesses and individuals have realized that people will now prefer to have various services available at their preferred location rather than doing it the old fashion way.

Be it pet care, housekeeping, car repair, spa, the list goes on. All users need is a reliable fiber internet connection and everything will come to them at the tips of their fingers.

Apps for Internet of Things (IoT)

If you live in a relatively modern household, you own at least one appliance that operates on its own. For instance, just a few verbal commands can allow you to adjust the temperature in your house, play some Michael Buble, or even turn out the lights ~ coughs in Artificial Intelligence ~

This is just one example of how each of us is building our own IoT at some level. We are looking at a not-so-distant future where only a handful of apps will monitor and augment our entire physical environment, as per our preference of course.

All in All

Our time on the mobile screen is increasing indefinitely. Undoubtedly, most of it goes to social media and communication apps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get more out of apps in the future. Technological upgrade always provides an ease to users and these breakthroughs in app development confirm this fact with the help of internet access

So, are things going towards the ‘Wall-E’ route? Or iRobot? We can never guess!