Metric Mate Update 2023 – Metric Mate is a smart fitness assistant virtual device that turns training equipment into smart equipment. It appeared on Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 11. The company has net worth around $2 million in June 2023 and is still in business. And it was worth approximately $1.5 million when it appeared on the show.

However, the owners, M-T Strickland, Braxton K. Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr., joined the show hoping for $100K for 5% equity. Even though they left the Shark Tank Without a deal, they managed to maintain their Success. 

So, Start reading now and stay till the end of the article to find out Metric Mate Update 2023, how virtualized personal fitness assistant, became this successful over the years.

Metric Mate update 2023 | How is the Metric Mate doing now? 

Metric Mate is still in business in June 2023. And the company is worth around $ 2 million this year. Even though the company left the shark tank without a deal, it gained more customer attraction after the show. Recently, it planned to go with the business-to-business-to-consumer market. 

And it accepts pre-orders for Android on its official website. Following that, they are planning to launch a trainer-specific portal on the Apple Store. So, you should know about their journey before appearing on Shark Tank.

Metric Mate Before Shark Tank

The Metric Mate Company was founded in 2017 and appeared in Shark Tank 2023. And became among Georgia’s Top 40 Innovate Companies in the year 2021. 

Also, their Kickstarter campaign was a massive success with their vision for the business. Later, their TAP technology got government certification and a patent.

The company also won an Export Challenge Grant of $5000 from the Atlanta Metro Export Challenge. Following that, It got an investment of $120,000 million from Techstar. And their appearance on Shark Tank Brought the company colossal Success.

Metric Mate

What happened to Metric Mate On Shark Tank? 

Metric Mate entered Shark Tank hoping for $100,000 for 5% of equity. They briefly introduced the product, and Mark Cuban got to test it. However, he was the first to drop the deal. He thought the business wasn’t for him, even though it was a great idea.

So, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran followed him. And Tony Xu also decided to refrain from investing in the product. However, Kevin O’Leary offered $100,000 for 25% of the equity associated with his PRX Performance.

But the Metric Mate team tried to negotiate it for $200 000 for 20%. And as Kevin decided to stick with the deal, the team left the show, rejecting the deal.

Who owns Metric Mate?

M-T Strickland and his partners, Braxton K. Davis and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr., are the founders and owners of Metric Mate. CEO of MT Strickland is in charge of marketing and income generation. He has worked in many fields, such as engineering, manufacturing, business management, buying, marketing, sales, and training. 

Braxton is an electrical engineering and law graduate. So, he mainly helps the company with planning, intellectual property, and legal issues. Ecleamus Ricks is a software engineering graduate. And he is in charge of all the technological activities of the company. 

So, everyone should know what this fantastic product is.

Metric Mate Review | What is Metric Mate?

Metric Mate is a patented mobile application that can analyze training and workout data. And it can turn any exercise training equipment into intelligent hardware. 

The T.A.P. sensor and the mobile application make it easy to keep track of reps, sets, and weights, which makes it easier to measure growth and set goals. 

And the product received positive feedback from the beginning, both on the Play Store and the Apple Store. Also, many appreciate the ability to turn gym equipment into smart equipment. However, many are interested in similar competitive products on the market. 

Who are the competitors of Metric Mate?

The fitness assistant technology market is hyped with newly developed technologies these days. So, according to Crunchbase, Relish, Cogwear Technologies, and Health Union are the competitors in the market with similar products. 


What Is The Revenue Of Metric Mate?

According to this year’s figures, Metric Mates’s Lifetime revenue is around $5 million. And the numbers can change according to recent Metric Mate Updates.

How Does Metric Mate Work?

It collects and analyzes all your exercises and counts the calories burned. And it allows users to share workout details with others.

Where Is Metric Mate Today?

Metric Mate is still in business, working with supply chains and new manufacturing plans. Also, the company is looking for fundraising options and other business opportunities with government certifications.

Did Metric Mate receive a deal on Shark Tank?

No, Metric Mate didn’t secure a deal on Shark Tank. However, it received an offer from Kevin O’Leary.

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