“Me at the Zoo”- Here is the oldest video on youtube.

Ever wondered what was the oldest video (by upload date) on youtube? Well, here it is. This was uploaded by Jawed Karim.

First Video on youtube
Jawed Karim in 2008. Picture credit: Wikipedia

Karim is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur of Bangladeshi-German descent. He is also the co-founder of YouTube, and the first person to upload a video to youtube. This video, titled Me at the zoo uploaded on April 23, 2005, has been viewed 82,592,219 times as of the time this was written (7/1/2020)

His youtube channel named Jawed has only one video so far & that is the first video on youtube which was posted 14 years ago. Karim’s channel has 698K subscribers based on this single video.

What’s in the First video of youtube?

The oldest video of youtube is only 18 seconds long & it’s basically a Vlog by Karim shot in front of an elephant cage of the zoo. In this video, he explains how long the ‘trunks of elephants’ are.

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