Maximize Your Space: An Easy Guide to Organizing Your Garage


If you have a garage where the clutter is getting worse every day, now is the right time to clean up, declutter, and arrange it before it filters with an absurd amount of cobwebs and junk. You will have to set aside several days for this project because it requires effort to complete it. So, save the whole weekend to have only one thing planned: get your garage under control. With spring is just around the corner, there’s no better time to get rid of your trash with a weekend garage cleaning project. Keeping in mind the size of the cleanup plan, involving a dumpster rental company will be very helpful to help you get the job done with ease.-

Keeping the garage organized and clean can help you maximize its usability and functionality. While the garage is the perfect place to store things you don’t use on a daily basis, it doesn’t have to be a cramped mess. With a good plan in hand, you can keep items you need and have room for your cars to park. How is that? Follow these guides below to learn more about this.

Classify Items Into Groups and Label Everything

You will have to start with an action plan to clean up your outdoor space and organize your DIY garage shelves. The first step in managing the garage is to extract everything and place it in a separate pile group based on the size and item classification. If you find that you have plenty of things you don’t use, getting a storage unit is a great way to keep the items.

With the storage unit’s installation, you can save what you want without having to get rid of it and clutter your garage. Once you have done separating items according to their designated categories, you have to label each group. This will keep you from sorting out all the containers the second time you require an item or tools in particular.

Head on to Basic Cleaning

After classifying and decluttering the place, you will need to do the cleaning job first before you continue working on the organization tips. The clutter you take out may leave a layer of pollution behind, as garage cleaning is not something you do daily. Grab a mop, duster, and some disinfectants to get the cleaning job done quickly and make the place look neat.

Determine a Garage Layout

Before you purchase anything, it is necessary to have a floor plan draft. Write down your garage’s dimension and take note of the location and size of the switches, doors, windows, and how much space your car requires to get in and out safely. Having a floor plan will allow you to create a list of the amount of racks and sizes you require and how tall you can construct them.

Decide on the Types of Storage Systems for Each Category of Items

Identifying what types of bins, hooks, and shelves to utilize to organize the garage can sometimes feel like a challenging task on its own. If you already acquire some sturdy and solid storage components, then you’re good to go. However, if some of your storage parts are no longer usable and functional, it is better to purchase or build your own storage systems.

On the other hand, garage storage systems are an excellent way of organizing the pile of items that inevitably accumulate in an unorganized garage and to reap the benefits of unused space as well. From bikes, gardening supplies, tools, toys, and seasonal decorations. With that in mind, here’s a quick list of storage items that you will want to consider in your garage:

  1. Storage bins and tubs
  2. Brackets and hooks that attach straightly to the wall
  3. Wall track systems with attachments and various hooks
  4. Units of shelves that hang down from the garage ceiling
  5. Wall-mounted storage shelves
  6. Freestanding storage shelves

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Shelves are excellent in serving their purpose. However, you don’t have to cover every wall with them. As an alternative, use available wall space with magnetic strips and a pegboard to get gadgets and tools off the floor and in a spot that will be easy to find. Storage systems and rail organizers for devices with wall hooks or PVC pipes are also simple to build and create.


You might think that structuring a garage is a daunting task, but keeping the space neat and clutter-free is even greater. To keep your garage in great shape in the coming years, you will have to have to make sure that every item you choose and utilize from a specific section of your garage should always go right back to its area. So put the above tips into action now!

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