Maximize Your Free Time: Top 4 DIY Storage Ideas That You Can Do Right Now


Due to the pandemic that’s happening around the world right now, most people don’t have the freedom they had before. To deal with the boredom and vacant time you have, here are some of the top DIY storage ideas you have to know.

1. Y&ME YM Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

If you’re trying to see the best material to make yourself a very excellent bookshelf, bathroom decoration, or a baby nursery organizer, then the Y&ME YM Rustic wood floating shelves is the best one out there. The superb thing about this shelf is that you can easily buy it on your local hardware or buy it on Amazon, which will save you more time.

Designing a house or a room is quite tricky, especially if you don’t know what particular things you want to put. This is why the Y&Me YM Rustic wood floating shelve is the best DIY storage that you can buy, which offers different purposes such as a bookshelf organizer, nursery decor, or a kitchen spice rack.

Here’s a little information about the Y&ME YM Rustic wood floating shelf; it’s made of wood, which provides a very comforting feel, unlike plastic-type wall mount shelves. It’s also effortless to mount into any type of wall, such as cement and wood walls. Furthermore, Y&ME YM offers three available color options: Carbon Brown, Light Brown, and Natural Brown.

Durability and reliability should also be your primary concern when doing some DIY storage on your house. Neglecting these two main things will put you or your family in danger. Luckily, the Y&ME YM Rustic wood Floating shelf is made of real pine wood, which is strong enough to deal with heavy objects. But of course, you should also properly mount it on your wall.

2. Vinyl Coated Ceiling Hooks

You can call these multipurpose vinyl-coated ceiling hooks small but incredible. It might just be simple hooks, but these items can be used for many different things, and it’s up to your imagination. You can use it in your cooking area to create a DIY cup, utensils, or cooking ware hanger. The vinyl-coated ceiling hooks can withstand a weight of up to 50 pounds.

If you have a vast imagination, these vinyl-coated hooks will be worth it. It’s not just cheap, but it’s also easy to find. You can just open your browser and go to Amazon, and you can find tons of these kinds of coated ceiling hooks. But if you like to go outside of your house, you can find these hooks on your city hardware.

3. Songmics Cube Storage 12-Cube

If you want customizable storage, then the Songmics Cube is the best one out there for your DIY ideas. You can use it to store your old and favorite books, toys, utensils, and many more. You can even adjust or change the height and width, making it very convenient, especially if you don’t have enough space to spare in your room.

All in all, the Songmics Cube Storage 12-Cube has an overall size of 26.6 x 12.2 x 48.4 inches, and it has two available color options, which are white and black. Both of the colors are perfect on any type of living room design, which provides you multiple options to where you want to put it.

The Songmics Cube Storage is made of plastic, which means that it’s lightweight, and you can quickly move or transfer it to any part of your house. It also offers effortless assembly; if you like puzzle games, you might see yourself doing that while assembling this storage; however, it’s much more comfortable than a puzzle game.

4. Classic Garden Planter

You can make this classic garden planter into a DIY storage item with a little imagination and art. The sky’s the limit; aside from its primary purpose of being a garden planter, you can use them as a utensil or coin storage. Although the classic garden planter isn’t limited to being a utensil and coin storage, you can do so much with these planters as long as you’re creative.

Colors aren’t a problem; there are at least eight available colors that you can buy on Amazon right now. It’s also made out of plastic, which means that it has excellent longevity. The classic garden planter only weighs 2.9 pounds, making moving it way more efficient than other clay-type garden planters.


Building and creating DIY storage can sometimes be easy and challenging at the same time, and that depends on what knowledge you have. The things mentioned here are the very basic and the most comfortable materials you can have to create your DIY storage. Just believe in what you do, and you’ll achieve your goal.