Maspalomas Beach: what you need to know before going there

Going to the beach is one of the ideal options when it comes to spending a great summer, but there is no better beach than Maspalomas Beach, which is located in Gran Canaria, more specifically in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

If you want to visit it is best to have it all clear about what you want to do, as the moment you arrive you may fall in love with its beautiful scenery to such an extent that you will completely disconnect. Gran Canaria’s hallmark has always been its beautiful beaches, and Playa Maspalomas is one of the most beautiful beaches.

But, besides its warm sand and relaxing waters, it is possible to find other types of services that are excellent, some of these are: its gastronomic restaurants, parks, exciting water sports centres, cool and majestic dunes, among others.

There is so much to do and explore in this famous beach that we have created for you this post about Maspalomas Beach: what you need to know before you go, so you can make your itinerary to enjoy this beach to the fullest.

Maspalomas tourist sites not to be missed

In the beautiful Maspalomas Beach, there are places that you can’t miss, such as the dunes, the Charca and the lighthouse. For this reason, we will tell you about them in detail below.

The dunes

These natural wonders are part of the Maspalomas Delta. It is possible to enjoy beautiful sunrises while strolling along the cool desert sands, as you bask in the vital sunlight.

The dunes offer great adventures suitable for almost anyone, so it is possible to visit them with the whole family. You can take a family excursion on camels or bicycles while enjoying some 20 kilometres of incredible, all-natural scenery.

Maspalomas: la Charca

Like the dunes, La Charca is a special nature reserve, a wonder of nature that you should not miss the opportunity to visit. This wonderful oasis is located next to the dunes, as well as being close to the sea. At times when the weather is very bad, it is possible to see how it joins the sea.

In the Charca it is possible to find an incredible biodiversity of fauna and flora, that is to say, there is a very large and varied quantity of reptiles, birds, insects, fish, crustaceans, plants, among others. But, due to the great influx of tourists, its great biodiversity has been diminished, that is to say, some species have disappeared. Therefore, if you wish to visit it, you must be very respectful and careful with the species that inhabit it, it is better not to disturb their natural habitat too much.

El Faro

This brilliant lighthouse was built under the supervision of the engineer Juan León y Castillo. It has been illuminating from 1890 to the present day, great isn’t it? This lighthouse is located in the western part of Maspalomas Beach. It is also recognised as an Asset of General Interest and as an icon of Gran Canaria.

It is possible to visit it and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Maspalomas Beach from the heights.

Where to stay in Maspalomas?

It is important to consider where you will be staying when you arrive in Maspalomas. If you don’t have a place in mind yet, you can stay at one of the Lopesan Group’s hotel in Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, an option you won’t regret.

As well as being close to the best tourist sites in Maspalomas, none of its hotels are lower than 4 stars, which is why you are sure to be able to relax and enjoy its facilities to the maximum, as well as its service.

Gastronomic options in Maspalomas

Not only will you find the best beach in Gran Canaria, you will also find gastronomic delicacies, there is a wide variety to suit your culinary tastes. Some of the best places to eat are:

Bandera restaurant

It is a first class restaurant if you want to enjoy local food, in this restaurant you can find a wide variety of dishes, among which salads and Spanish tapas stand out. It is a great place to go with the family.

El Senador restaurant and beach club

It is a restaurant where it is worth eating, if you have enough money, because it is expensive even if you are in Gran Canaria. But, it has its advantages, such as its privileged location, which is next to the lighthouse on Maspalomas Beach. You can find a beautiful beach club as well as an incredible restaurant, where you can order divine dishes, such as rice, seafood, wrinkled potatoes, pizzas, fish, salads, everything you want to eat at the moment.

Escaleritas restaurant

It is an ideal place to enjoy the typical food of the island, as well as other types of dishes, such as the delicious pizza, lasagna, among other dishes that you can enjoy in this incredible Mediterranean restaurant. It is located near the lighthouse on Maspalomas Beach.

Now that you know about Maspalomas Beach, you can consider what you can visit and enjoy once you get to this incredible paradise. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment and capture the best ones in photos – see what it has to offer! You will for sure want to come back.