Markup PDF what can be done?

Markup PDF what can be done? A tagged PDF is a PDF with tags that specify the structure of the document , it is used to determine the tags that represent structures such as hierarchies and tables of the document, and uses tags that represent structure and tags that represent content to create a tag tree structure . Please refer to this article to explain the role of markup PDF and the online services around which can handle PDF markup.

What is Markup PDF?

A tagged PDF is a PDF with tags that specify the document structure. A tagged PDF encloses content such as text and images in a PDF with tags, which are attached to the tags. In addition, tags representing structures such as hierarchical structures and tables of documents are determined, and a tag tree structure (tag tree) is created using tags representing structure and tags representing content.

Label tree structure:


Tagged PDF is optional, not required. The vast majority of PDFs created and distributed today are not tagged PDFs. The reason for this is that if the PDF is only visually readable, there is no need for tags specifying the document structure in the PDF .

Specify the reading order of PDF content

When a computer reads a PDF, it reads the text inside in sequence. The alignment of the text in the PDF may not match the alignment of the displayed text. At this time, the screen display and reading order are different. If there is a tag tree, the correct reading order can be obtained by reading the content of the tag link in the order of the tag tree.

In addition, printed pages contain navigational information such as column and page numbers, top and bottom borders for body text areas, borders between body text and footnotes, borders and backgrounds for text boxes, and more. Information to aid in identification. Information that does not need to be read aloud can be distinguished and excluded.

Convert and reuse PDFs

If the PDF contains logical structural specifications such as sections, headings, tables, and paragraphs, it can be converted more appropriately when returning from the PDF to a file for editing, such as an office application. Also, when converting from PDF to HTML (web pages), you can achieve better results by using logical structures such as headings, tables, and bullets.

PDF reflow display

Standard tags defined in Tagged PDF are similar to HTML used to describe web pages. A Tagged PDF compliant reader can display the PDF in a print layout, or display it on screen by using the tags set in the PDF. Therefore, the PDF can be displayed by wrapping the text around the edges of the screen (called reflow display), just as the HTML is displayed on the screen of a smartphone with a browser.

Accessibility Support

At the heart of accessibility support is the stated reading order and logical structure, but if you use the Markup PDF mechanism, you can :

1. Specify the language for the entire document or markup range .

2. Convert untranslatable items into text, such as images and formulas .

3. You can set alternative text to read out instead, and 3. Specify acronyms and extensions of acronyms , such as the acronym ISO for the International Organization for Standardization.

PDF online service that handles PDF markup

There are quite a few PDF software and tools on the market that deal with PDF editing, converting between different formats, and most of these tools are satisfactory. But for PDF files with multiple marks or even hundreds of marks, their effect is greatly reduced, which is especially reflected in some PDF conversion tools. If it is a PDF file with few markup objects, it may achieve a high accuracy rate, but if it is a PDF file with many markup objects, the results are not only satisfactory.

In order to process tagged PDF files, some professional PDF teams have developed a series of online editors and conversion tools. The AbcdPDF team is committed to providing a full range of online PDF tools. Even for marked PDF files, the accuracy rate is far higher than that of most paid software on the market.

AbcdPDF platform online service tool link:

tool nameFunctionIs it free
convert pdf to wordFormat conversion, PDF to Word, the converted Word can be edited freely.Yes
pdf to excelFormat conversion, PDF to Excel, the converted Excel can be edited freely.Yes
online pdf editorPDF online editor, full-featured, edit, delete, annotate, sign, watermark, backlight, etc.Yes


Markup PDF what can be done? The above article analyzes the meaning and usefulness of PDF markup for you, as well as some free online services that can now handle marked PDF, including convert pdf to word, pdf to excel, online pdf editor hope to you helped.