Mangia Mangia’S Kitchen Nightmares update – After Gordon Ramsay’s visit (OPEN OR CLOSED IN 2022)

Mangia Mangia’s was a Colorado restaurant featured on season 7 of Kitchen Nightmares.

Mangia Mangia’s was episodes 5 and 6 of season 7.

Restaurant name Mangia Mangia
Owner  Julie
Waiters/ StaffJanelle, Trevor, Kevin & Andrea 
Chef: Trevor
Original Episode Air DateApril 25, 2014
Mangia Mangia’s Address407 E Grace Ave Woodland Park, Colorado 80863
Is Mangia Mangia’s still open? (2022)Closed

Is Mangia Mangia’s in Colorado still open?  

After the Kitchen Nightmares makeover, many people were impressed with the fresh food and impressive decor. However, Mangia Mangia was closed in 2014 as the reality show could not change its fortune. Old Mangia Mangia place is now occupied by a Jimmy John’s sub shop.

Restaurant location map :