Make a living at home from remote jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree

Of late, many people have spent most of their time at home taking responsibilities such as childcare. Learn how to balance work-life in the new dispensation. Become proficient in using videoconferencing while you connect with family and friends when you cannot visit in person. Moreover, due to many business ventures limiting hours or even closing, it is not surprising to find yourself looking for a job opening. There is hope; the new way of life offers endless opportunities. If it proves hard to go for an interview in-person, you can continuously explore job opportunities with the help of your bachelor’s degree. The only requirement is a laptop with internet connectivity. With numerous resources such as video conferencing and the internet, the digital world opens a new range of job opportunities that one can do in their homes by using a laptop. With the increase in the tech-savvy environment, working from home is easier, convenient, and comfortable. Online or freelancing or contract work paid on an hourly basis.

As the demand and desire for flexible working conditions meet the company’s need for quality work, remote jobs will rise. Regardless of whether you are interested in remote work, or circumstances necessitate or are looking for new opportunities, the online book can help you make a living during these challenging times. According to bachelor thesis writing service, the majority of the work from home openings serve as second jobs or side hustles that can enable one to make a living. On the positive side, one can transform these freelancing jobs into full-time employment. Some of these jobs allow us to work some days from our homes’ comfort or offer a fully remote position.

Online remote jobs that require a bachelor’s degree

For those who are pursuing or considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree, the following is a career list that you can consider. Whereas opportunities for each post can significantly vary, you can explore how a degree can open avenues for the next careers in life.

Customer support

Customer support is a critical component for effective company operation. Holders of a degree in social sciences or business can easily navigate this career opportunity.


Accounting is suitable for those who have a knack for numbers. With accounting skills, you can consider opportunities for online accountants. 

Those accountants serving in these roles can help non-profit organizations, new small businesses, and start-ups manage accounts and finances without hiring full-time accountants. Working remotely on bookkeeping or accounting empowers you to utilize your degree in business.


A background in business or business-related courses will help you start and run a successful business venture. A degree in business management or administration fuels the passion for entrepreneurship, and the internet provides endless opportunities to succeed online. It is possible to run a thriving business from the comfort of your house, thanks to flourishing e-commerce. Moreover, revenue will vary depending on the industry and your business.

Virtual assistant

If you can keep your extracurricular, your family, and yourself organized, then you have a strong foundation to succeed as a virtual assistant. Management experience and soft skills that you gain over time are applicable in navigating career paths and even working remotely. Virtual assistants take on various responsibilities, such as coordinating complex schedules, internal communications, social media, and project management.


Bachelor’s degree has the requisite experience to navigate course content, which others will need help. Use your bachelor’s degree qualification to meet tutor others online. Based on your area of specialization, you can empower others with transformative knowledge.