Has Madden NFL 24 Brought Any Major Improvements Compared To the Last Installment?

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Joshua White

Every year, Madden fans eagerly ask, “What’s new this year?” as they anticipate the release of the latest title. 

Comparing Madden 24 to its predecessor, Madden 23, is a tradition in the gaming community. Over the franchise’s 30-year history, one recurring criticism has been the perception of minimal improvements from one year to the next, often feeling like a roster update with a fresh coat of paint. 

So, what’s changed, and is it worth an additional $69.99, or is it just an update on the skills of athletes and slightly improved graphics?

One thing is for sure, the teams are updated and it seems like the San Francisco 49ers received a buff. After all, they are this year’s favorite according to the latest Super Bowl odds, to win the most coveted prize in American football next year, despite the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are their biggest rival to succeed according to popular sportsbooks.

Nonetheless, let’s find out whether or not you should spend your money on Madden 24.

Gameplay and Animation Enhancements

In Madden 23, EA introduced FieldSENSE, a gameplay system that added realism to on-field experiences. 

But does this actually work, or it is just a fancy name for a slightly improved mechanic we had in the previous game?

Well, it is not a game-changer, but certainly improves the overall gaming experience.

It gave players more control, enhanced animations, and improved AI, making the game appear more lifelike and dynamic.

Madden 24 builds on this foundation with several key updates to the FieldSENSE system, including:

  • Exciting new passing animations inspired by the incredible plays of real-life quarterbacks like Pat Mahomes and Josh Allen.
  • Receivers can now maintain their speed when receiving passes in stride.
  • A wider variety of tackle animations, boasting over 1700 different tackle moves.
  • An improved tackle formula that considers player ratings, size, and momentum for more realistic outcomes.
  • Enhanced AI for offensive blockers, allowing them to maneuver around defenders and push ball carriers forward when the defense tries to hold them back.

If you are still not satisfied, we have the new SAPIEN skeleton technology that is aimed at transforming player appearance and movement.

SAPIEN aims to eliminate the awkward and clunky animations that occasionally plagued previous Madden titles. No more funny Madden NFL glitches videos.

Overall, these technological and AI enhancements promise to refine gameplay and reduce the frustrating issues seen in recent Madden releases.

Superstar Mode Rebranded

In Madden 23, the “Face of the Franchise” mode is being rebranded as “Superstar” mode on next-gen consoles and PCs. 

But this isn’t something new. After all, we’ve seen Face of the Franchise back in Madden 06 and Madden 2014.

But this time provides a more immersive single-player experience.

Superstar mode allows players to manage a single player’s career, creating their own NFL superstar and guiding them from rookie status to retirement. Unlike franchise mode, which involves managing an entire team, Superstar mode provides a more individualized player experience.

While we don’t have all the details about the revamped Superstar mode, it’s safe to assume that it will differ from the story-focused “Face of the Franchise” mode and align more closely with the classic Superstar mode, focusing on the player’s journey.

Franchise Mode Updates

Madden 24 introduces several small but meaningful changes to enhance the Franchise mode. These updates may not be revolutionary, but they promise a more enjoyable experience for dedicated Franchise mode players.

First, training camp mini-games are making a comeback. These mini-games are tailored to specific players and positions, helping to upgrade key players on your franchise roster. They include QB target passing, WR red zone attack, trench battles for offensive and defensive lines, coffin corner punts, and more. These mini-games are now part of the weekly training loop, adding depth to player development.

The trading system has also seen significant improvements, allowing for six trade slots per team, CPU trade offers, the ability to trade picks two years ahead, better trade tuning, and an updated draft pick value chart based on the Jimmy Johnson chart used in actual NFL drafts.

Draft prospects now feature more dynamic characteristics, resulting in more versatile and unique players, some with cross-positional skills.

Other additions to the Franchise mode include more relocation cities, contract restructuring options, fifth-year options for first-round picks, updated skill trees for coaches and personnel, more accurate player regression, and improved player value models. These changes collectively contribute to Madden 24 boasting the most realistic and NFL-accurate franchise mode yet.

MUT Evolution with Crossplay

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) remains largely unchanged in Madden 24, with one significant exception: the introduction of crossplay, a highly requested feature. 

Crossplay will be available for the current PS5/Xbox Series XS generation and PC, allowing players to compete with or against each other regardless of their gaming platform. 

Is this good or bad?

Well, the good thing is that you can play with your friends even if you have different devices, but what impact is going to have on the gameplay? – Only time will tell. Sometimes, it is hard to balance games played on different devices without someone having an advantage.

This applies to various game modes, including online head-to-head, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown Online. However, it appears that the MUT auction and trade houses will not incorporate crossplay. This addition aims to reduce match wait times and elevate competition levels for MUT enthusiasts and players alike.

Final Words

EA has introduced a lot of new things to the Madden NFL 24, and it is not some polished 23 version with slightly updated graphics. We have new game modes, teams are updated, and best of all, new mechanics and animations that promise a more realistic gaming experience.