Louisiana Hurricane Damage to Property and How a Lawyer Can Help

Have you or a family member suffered property damage because of a hurricane in Louisiana? About 1 out of 40 insured homes in the United States makes an insurance claim each year. 

Preparing for a hurricane can be stressful but dealing with the aftermath can be heartbreaking. Finding a lawyer to handle your hurricane damages case can make a big difference in how a company treats your claim. 

Read on to learn how a Louisiana hurricane damage attorney can help you today!

Show an Insurance Company You Mean Business

Hiring an attorney for your property damage claim shows an insurance company that you mean business. Your lawyer is a trusted legal advocate for you during the claim process.

The attorney should have experience with handling these claims and speaking with insurance companies. Lawyer representation sends a message to an insurance company that you won’t go away without a fight. 

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Drafting a Demand Letter

A property damage lawyer will meet with you to gather information about your claim. They will learn about the facts and gather evidence such as videos and photographs. 

They will use this information to prepare a demand letter to your insurance company. In this demand letter, a lawyer will lay out the factual basis for why you are entitled to relief. They will also cite the portion of your policy that provides hurricane insurance coverage.

The demand letter will conclude with a demand for the payment of damages to settle your claim. There will be a deadline to respond to the demand or else your lawyer will file a lawsuit.

Filing a Lawsuit and Settling Your claim

If an insurance company will not accept property damage liability and pay your claim, your lawyer will prepare a lawsuit. A lawsuit begins when you file a complaint. The complaint sets forth the legal basis and facts for why you should receive payment for damages. 

An insurance company receives a copy of a summons and complaint. They will then need to assert an answer and affirmative defenses. During discovery in your lawsuit, the parties will take part in a mediation. 

At mediation, your lawyer will attempt to resolve your damages claim. If the parties can’t resolve things at mediation, your lawyer will prepare your case for trial. 

Making a Louisiana Hurricane Damage Claim 

Your Louisiana hurricane damage claim result can be a life-changing time in your life. You and your family will be in the middle of trying to rebuild your life and you may not be able to do so without the proceeds of the claim.

Having an attorney with experience handling these claims is an important asset on your side. Don’t overlook the nuances of insurance law to try to handle a claim yourself. 

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