Are you planning a two-week or more extended vacation in a new city or a foreign country? Renting a short-term vacation rental will prove more luxurious and affordable than a hotel. You can have unlimited options, such as renting yourself a waterfront villa, a centrally-located condo, or a single-family home.

The vacation rental industry is rapidly growing and developing, and brimming with a multitude of lucrative options. It’s hard to spend long vacations in hotels, no matter how many luxuries they claim to provide. The enormous costs are burdensome, and when you can enjoy a homely ambiance for less, why waste all that money?

With a vacation rental, you can prepare your meals, Netflix and chill, and freely entertain your guests and furry friends. These short-term rentals usually come with various amenities, but it’s also wise to invest in some tools. Tools like portable kettles, coffee makers, and streaming devices will keep you comfortable and feeling right at home or feel like you are in a resort like Marriott Bonvoy resort on Kauai.

Here, take a look at some tools that will help you make the most of your vacation rental:

Vacation Rental Software Solutions

In 2021, the short-term rental industry has advanced incredibly, providing businesses with cost-efficient and quality solutions. Suppose your business has to relocate several skilled professionals to another city or country temporarily. In that case, renting hotel rooms will come with burdensome expenses, prompting you to prioritize low-quality establishments.

Skilled professionals and talented employees will not settle for low-quality accommodations. Businesses can now benefit from vacation rental software solutions to find the best accommodations for their needs. Moreover, individual travelers and professionals can find quality rentals on online marketplaces, such as Airbnb and Expedia.

Housekeeping & Domestic Services

Landlords operating multi-family rentals are increasingly benefitting from the vacation rental industry. However, renting out properties to vacationers comes with increased responsibilities, particularly housekeeping.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, owners need to make the best use of vacation rental housekeeping software to reduce their vacation rental management burdens and housekeeping chores. They can hire professionals for all housekeeping services, such as tidying up, laundry, kitchen cleaning, and even meal preparation.

It’s natural to want to escape menial domestic chores on vacation, especially if you’re traveling for work. After all, you don’t want to spend your holiday in a dust-ridden and cluttered accommodation. Travelers are attracted to short-term rentals that come with housekeeping services to enjoy superior life quality. They can rejoice in home-like comfort without the burdensome expenses of hotel rooms however in places like best Orlando family resorts you can just be at home

Basic Kitchen Essentials

It’s wise to carry essential kitchen appliances if you’re planning to prepare your meals and snacks. Many travelers take portable air fryers to prepare their favorite meals and snacks easily without much hassle.

Be sure to carry a kitchen knife that’s sharp with a safe blade to avoid unpleasant accidents. It will come in handy while dicing and slicing fruits and vegetables for snacking and food preparation. Coffee lovers cannot travel without portable coffee makers or grinders to get their early morning caffeine fix. Many lightweight and compact models don’t even require electricity to operate.

A kettle is a more versatile investment than a coffee maker as it will help you make coffee, herbal teas, and more. Consider investing in a portable cooler, particularly if your rental accommodation doesn’t offer a refrigerator. A portable cooler will make sure all your farmer’s market finds, and raw ingredients stay fresh and edible.

Entertainment & Recreation

Carrying PlayStation and gaming consoles, streaming devices, and WiFi routers will make your vacation more enjoyable. You can take your portable and compact entertainment devices to carve out a home-like environment. Streaming devices will help transform your entertainment experience, and you be reliant on local TV channels and streaming options.

Most rentals come with WiFi and entertainment services, but carrying a router will ensure your internet connection never dwindles. If you have a smart remote control system, bring it along on your vacation as it will connect to any TV. You can replicate the same browsing and streaming experiences that you enjoy at home.

Be sure to carry a portable Bluetooth speaker, particularly if you enjoy music and throwing fun soirees for your friends. Suppose streaming devices and PlayStation does not align with your budget. In that case, an HDMI cable is all you need to hook your laptop with the TV. Many people like to carry board games, especially if they’re traveling with their partner or family.

Health & Safety

Most short-term rentals are equipped with security systems or are constructed within gated communities. But there are several health and safety considerations you must undertake. It’s wise to carry a carbon monoxide and smoke detector, especially if your rental doesn’t have a smoke alarm.

Even if your accommodation comes with a high-tech smoke alarm, does it detect carbon monoxide? Exposure to carbon monoxide can prove life-threatening, especially for those vulnerable to respiratory illnesses.

Properties are exposed to carbon monoxide emission from broken and damaged fuel-burning tools, such as water heaters and furnaces. Carrying your detector will make sure you and your family stay safe with healthy air quality. Be sure to bring a portable First Aid kit as well with ample supplies for yourself and others. 

Lighting & Electricity

Does your short-term rental offer enough power strips and electric outlets to accommodate all your needs? You don’t want to end up with an unpleasant surprise and devices that are constantly running low on battery. If you’re carrying multiple appliances and portable gadgets, be sure to invest in power strips.

Power strips are always an excellent investment. Be sure to invest in compact designs that offer AC outlets and US power ports without taking up excessive space. Carrying several pairs of flashlights and a headlamp will prove immensely helpful. What will you do if the power decides to go out on a moonless night? A headlamp will keep you from stumbling and injuring yourself as you make your way to the breaker box.


Renting a vacation rental comes with its own distinctive set of costs and benefits, many of which outweigh luxury hotels. Affordability and comfort are the two most compelling advantages. But if you’re spending endlessly on appliances and tools, why not spend your vacation in a hotel instead?

If you’re a frequent traveler, investing in vacation rental-friendly tools is an investment that will prove worthwhile. You can enjoy the convenience of these gadgets and devices whenever you relocate temporarily or take a vacation.

It’s wise to buy gadgets and tools that offer essential comfort and convenience for your lifestyle. Coffee makers, digital alarm clocks, and streaming devices add undeniable value and convenience to our lives.

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