Link Building Strategy for Gambling Affiliates

Link Building Strategy for Gambling Affiliates

The online gambling and betting industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Its size has been forecasted to grow to more than $110 billion by 2028. With an increasing number of different casino sites and sports betting portals, it’s no wonder the iGaming market has become highly competitive. Moreover, in most countries, casinos and gambling sites are still under strict jurisdiction. Therefore, affiliate marketing has become their number one channel to generate high-quality traffic.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to attract new players, expand the business, and thus stand out from rivals. Casino affiliates operate legally and provide fair reviews of diverse gambling portals. It helps users find exactly what they are looking for, decide what website to register on, and start playing. However, this doesn’t exclude the fact that affiliate sites likewise require promotion. So in this post, we’ll look at link-building as one of the most powerful SEO techniques that helps establish a strong online presence for casino affiliates.

Link-building is a vital part of SEO. When combined with on-page optimization tactics, this technique can assist search engine bots in recognizing the casino affiliate website as one of high quality. Each backlink is treated as a signal for search algorithms, so the more signals, the better the odds of moving up in the SERPs. The higher the site’s position, the more chances players will notice the affiliate platform. It’s the main reason why it’s so essential for the search marketing campaign to have a strong plan for building high-quality backlinks.

A gambling affiliate site can include spectacular UX design solutions and unique content. But if it doesn’t have a strong backlink profile, the chances of ranking high in search results are slim to none. Gaining links isn’t an easy task because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of gambling affiliates looking to acquire high-authority links to push their site up in the search results. For that reason, using the best casino link building service, such as that offered by HighRoller.Agency, can always be an excellent solution with even better results.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect where a site ranks in the SERPs. So, a link-building strategy is made up of many different techniques and includes making a plan for the links you want to get. The link-building journey for gambling affiliates should start with the creation of a list of target domains you want to get links from and then the development of action steps on how to receive them.

First of all, there is a need to locate similar iGaming niche websites to add to your list. Types of shoulder niche websites for building links include the following:

  • casino review sites;
  • gaming portals;
  • travel, tech, or sports sites;
  • news platforms, etc.

Looking at Competitors

The next step is to conduct competitor research using special SEO software. Look for the sites ranking for your main target keywords, define the high authority backlinks they have, and add them to your list as well.

Coming up with the Plan

Now you can make a plan to reach out to webmasters and talk to them, giving them a good reason to put your link on their site. At this step, it’s essential to remember that you can approach those webmasters only with unique, perfectly created content, as predominantly high-authority iGaming websites don’t need to place your links.


As an alternative, you can consider using the PBN tactic. PBN is a private blog network consisting of high-authority, usually expired domains. It is a fast-tracked method of link building, allowing for complete control over how to feature backlinks. Moreover, it’s considered especially helpful for new domains, as PBNs assist in receiving quick improvements in search rankings. However, the tactic must be used wisely, as there is a risk of getting manual penalties from Google search crawlers.

Putting Strategy Together

For maximum ROI, a good link-building strategy for casino affiliates must be implemented with precision. Here are some points to consider to increase the likelihood of an excellent return.

  1. Set a realistic budget.

Since improving your organic search engine rankings strategically is like a fight to the top, you need to protect your position. Other affiliates earn hundreds of millions from maintaining top rankings on Google; therefore, you should invest accordingly if you want to compete with them.

  1. Diversify the backlink profile as much as possible.

Refrain from choosing just one strategy and going with it. Instead, invest in a combination of tactics, including paid links, PR, link swaps, earned links, news or media, and nofollow links such as those on social media profiles.

  1. Don’t overlook analyzing your competitors.

Always pay attention to what your rivals do and where they get backlinks, then adopt their approach. Try to reach out to their best placements and replicate what they do when feasible.

  1. Make the anchor text plan.

The anchor text plan should come from the highest-ranking platforms in your location and niche.

  1. Keep link velocity in mind.

Be mindful of the link velocity and remain within a reasonable range.

  1. Stay consistent.

Continue to use the same techniques and stay on top of changing trends among your top-ranking and direct competitors.

Final Thoughts

Affiliates have become a reliable and efficient bridge between casino platforms looking for relevant traffic sources and players seeking relevant gambling websites. In order for a casino affiliate to continue bringing value to gambling businesses, its website shouldn’t neglect utilizing a solid link-building SEO strategy, as it’s a proven technique to boost online visibility.

It’s essential to remember that building links is a time-consuming process with results to be expected in the long term. Also, for the technique to work best, it needs to be performed in a particular way and requires a significant level of expertise. So if it seems challenging to implement the strategy, you can always resort to an experienced SEO company.

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Written by Joshua White


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