Life hacks for education

Make your study process easier

If you can read a short piece of article and understand the information you need to know, then you can skip long books with a lot of useless data. Also, there are lots of online services which could help you, for example professional editing services.

Control your focus

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Block yourself from being distracted by social networks, unnecessary websites, e-mail, etc. This is possible thanks to such programs as SelfControl (for Mac), Cold Turkey (for PC). There are also similar options for Android users.

Download learning apps

You probably know that there are a huge number of applications for students. Choose one or two that meet your learning needs and use them. If you think they don’t work for you, try others.


Yes, because many students forget about it when preparing for exams or when writing important work. Eat healthy, nutritious and, of course, delicious food. After all, your brain needs it to work.


Google your subject – Google has great resources from other colleges. If you enter “site: edu [exam] in Google, you will be able to access exams at different colleges with questions related to your subject for study practice. YouTube can be useful for those who do not understand a topic and need further clarification. A huge number of channels offer free textbooks, such as CrashCourse, Khan Academy, Brightstorm, Bozeman Science – just to name a few. You can also write check my paper and see if you are going to have a good mark. 

Write down your notes

Go to the old school and write notes by hand. Research shows that when you take the time to rewrite them manually, you are actually learning more effectively than when using a computer, tablet, or laptop.

Listen to music

Choosing the right type of music while learning can increase your productivity, motivation and focus. Certain genres of music are actually recommended for learning – known as “music for the mind.”


Again, this is a basic human need that must be met. The body must sleep to think properly. Sleep affects your cognitive function, and therefore your ability to think logically.

Change the location of training

Change your learning environment – literally. Studies show that studying in one room has a bad effect on performance. This means that if you are constantly in the same space, it is best to take the exam in this space. If you change your space in preparation for the exam, it will be easier for you to adapt to the environment for testing.

Teach someone

Tell the material you need to remember to a classmate or classmate, or just a friend. Teaching another person is an effective way to better understand the material. Teaching is the best test (before the actual test) to find out if you know all the concepts and all the material. Moreover, ask the person to ask you a question to understand whether you are fully oriented in the topic.

Turn on the light

Light helps the brain focus, affects visual clarity and psychological reactions. The best type of lighting for maximum performance is soft and natural.

If your lighting is too dim or too bright (such as fluorescent lighting), it may interfere with the learning process.