Level Up Your Packaging Game With These Mailer Box Designs

Level Up Your Packaging Game With These Mailer Box Designs

Have you ever been too excited to open the gifts only because the wrapping was so attractive? Well, that’s where you have to think about creating custom mailer boxes. Whether you believe it or not, mailer boxes and their appearance can directly influence the overall impression of the brand and it will excite them to open the box and enjoy the products.

When it comes down to the brands, they often want to design the custom mailer boxes wholesale that reflect the brand identity. This is because the brands know how important the packaging is to capture the customer base’s trust and it is equally important as displaying the products. That being said, if you want to create the mailer box, you have landed at the right place.

With this article, we are sharing how you can level up the packaging game with mailer box designs because we have some amazing design ideas for you. Are you ready?

Mailer Box – What Is It?

Mailer boxes are known to be paperboard packaging which is designed to store the products and send them to the customers. The mailer boxes are integrated with interlocking wings and flops which makes them easy to assemble and there is no need for adhesive tapes. It is designed with double side walls which results in higher resistance and durability for transporting the products.

Mailer boxes are designed to hold the products when they are being shipped out. The mailer boxes can be used by various brands and business industries, such as;

  • Subscription Boxes – the brands offering subscription boxes have to provide repetitive deliveries for the products. Generally, these products are sourced from various suppliers and come with separate branding
  • eCommerce Ventures – the eCommerce businesses have to ensure that products reach the customers in one piece which makes it essential to choose the optimal packaging. So, you need to protect the products during transport and handling
  • Fragile Product Brands – if a business is offering fragile products, they can choose mailer boxes because they offer sturdy packaging and protection. These boxes can provide extra protection during transit and will ensure customer satisfaction
  • Gift Boxes – if you are running a brand and don’t have gift boxes available, you are missing out on a lot of things. For this reason, you need to add gift boxes in form of mailer boxes because they will collect all the products in one place

Design Ideas For Mailing Boxes

Add Vibrancy & Colors

If you want to create cute shipping boxes, you must add vibrancy and colors to the mailer boxes. The colors must resonate with the brand, and when the box has a mixture of vibrant colors, the imagery will capture the attention. These colors are suitable for brands that are selling sweets and the mixture of vibrant patterns will create interesting boxes.

Inside & Out Beautification

When it comes down to creativity, why do you’ve to keep it limited to the box’s exterior side? This is because the brands should create a box that keeps up the customers’ attention even after opening the box. So, in that case, you can add the visuals and colors on the internal side of the box because it excites the customers.

Don’t Forget The Hues

No brand should have to keep using the boring and plain mailer boxes. In particular, the mailer boxes must be designed with different hues, such as colors, patterns, and typography. This is because the combination of these hues will create an attractive feast for your customer’s eyes. However, never makes these hues so overwhelming for your customers.

Print Over Print

When it comes down to the monthly subscription boxes, you need to design the mailer boxes with print over print design. In particular, if the subscription boxes belong to the personal care, beauty, and makeup niche, you can create the print-over print designs. Also, you must choose a combination of vibrant and colorful prints.

Your brand’s mailer box is incomplete without adding a prominent logo. This is because the logo speaks your story in front of the customer. This is because the brand logo will also add promising and attractive visuals to the mailer box. Not to forget, the addition of a logo will tend the brand story and show what the brand is all about.

Monochrome Design

There are various times when you need to stay in and relax to relieve the stress. That being said, if you are designing the boxes to offer something that helps people relieve stress, you need to choose monochrome designs. You must choose that the box print that isn’t complicated and doesn’t create fuss on the box. In addition, the clean print will create a friendly and cozy appearance.

Brand Identity

For the brands that are offering kid products, you need to design mailer boxes that are suited for different age groups and different products. The box should clear the brand identity. In addition, while designing the boxes for kids’ products, the boxes have to be inviting because it ensures that they use the products.


Sure, digital printing is suitable for making the boxes look amazing but you can also capture the attention through elegance. For instance, you can use ink stamps to shift the design to the mailer box. As a result, you will be able to create simple visuals that not only look elegant but personal and rustic as well.

Fresh Color Palettes

If you are offering garden products or food products, you need to design the mailer boxes with fresh color palettes. Also, the contents must be printed on the box, so the customers understand what they are buying. Not to forget, you have to create the natural visuals because you obviously need to create excitement for them.

The bottom line is that these design ideas can help curate the mailer boxes with perfection. You can depend on WeCustomBoxes to design the perfect mailer boxes that resonate with the brand and will choose the graphics and color palettes that you like!

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Written by Joshua White

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