Here is All you need to know about Leeroy Jenkins meme

Here is All you need to know about Leeroy Jenkins meme

Leeroy Jenkins meme was famous in the USA, Canada, Russia, and Europe from 2005 to 2015. Let’s dig a little deeper into how Leeroy Jenkins became meme material for millions of Internet users around the globe.

The origin of the Leeroy Jenkins meme

Leeroy Jenkins became an internet sensation from the online multiplayer video game World of Warcraft. Leeroy Jenkins is the username of player Ben Schulz. He screamed his name loudly to his teammates because he was the only player alive.

Reasons why It went Viral

Leeroy Jenkins became famous because of its funny sound and style of shouting. Internet users picked it up to express energetic moments, funny moments, and many things.

Leeroy Jenkins Meme was used in expressing various expressions by many types of communities across the social media sphere.

Here are some cool ones we found.

Current situation of Leeroy Jenkins meme’s original creators

Ben Schulz was the original creator of the this meme. He has made numerous appearances at Blizzard events, such as BlizzCon.