Law Firm SEO vs. PPC: What Does Your Firm Need?

In this fast-evolving digital era, being relevant and relatable is extremely important to growing any online website. The online law firm is potentially a big business. 

If you have an online law firm and are thinking of growing your business, you need to know the difference between SEO and PPC and how these marketing strategies work. Knowing would help you curate your goals and accordingly set up what you need.

A lawyer SEO involves the implementation of strategies, tactics to attract clients to the law firm’s website by improving the website’s ranking. 

List Of Things You Need To Know To Understand The Needs Of Your Law Firm

  1. Understand the difference – 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and PPC (Pay Per Click). Both of their targets are the same: to generate web traffic and increase the rate of conversion. 

Search Engine Optimization requires setting up the website with known facts and making it attractive and at the same time relevant. 

Pay Per Click involves advertising your website with related searches, and you have to pay the user with every click. For example, GoogleAds, Facebook Advertising Market. 

  1. Building up the audience base – 

SEO is always a better option if you want to earn organic audiences. This is because, in SEO optimization, only the person who searched a related topic can find your website and thereby visit and use your website. 

It’s different for PPC as the amount of organic audience is relatively lower than SEO. The way of working for PCC is different as it pops up in different websites and the side tabs. The visits are less of an organic audience and more out of accidental clicks and sometimes curiosity.

  1. Time of generation of results – 

This is the opposite for SEOs and PPCs. 

SEOs take time. Getting to the top of the search results takes time, but it generates steady traffic for the long term. Besides, the lawyer SEO can improve the content accordingly; then, your website would stay in the first place for quite a long time.

In the case of PCCs, it’s all about the immediate results. It generates speedy results. It works the best with launches. 

  1. Keyword visibility – 

In SEO, improvement can be made in keywords at all levels of the client journey to hire a lawyer. The attorney SEO needs to continuously keep track of the keywords that would generate higher traffic and leads.

For PPC, there is greater control over search engines and keywords. The results can be highly scalable.

  1. Expense – 

SEO needs long-term investment for productive results as generation of traffic, in this case, requires a long time. 

PPCs are more expensive, and the traffic generated is lower in comparison to the investment.


In law firm websites, it is usually preferred to hire a lawyer SEO over PCC. This is because generating traffic in the law firm websites is complex, and it requires effective strategy and also, a local SEO is essential for attorneys and law firms to generate traffic.