Language based keyboards
Language based keyboards

Why are language based keyboards making It popular trends?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to converse in your native language while chatting online? You certainly must have. Everyone is at ease speaking in their native language, and if they want to learn a specific language, they can use language keyboards to improve their writing and speaking skills.

It is always enjoyable to interact and converse with people in our own regional language because of the fluency and love it conveys while we are communicating, whether in a formal or informal setting. People become very comfortable speaking in their regional language, and in some cases, if anyone wishes to learn a specific language, they can use Marathi keyboard to improve their fluency in writing as well as speaking Marathi.

Our daily conversation includes professionalism, friendliness and other emotions related to our work environment, friendship, affection for someone, etc. The Regional keyboards are successfully becoming a great trend in this pandemic.

Why Are Regional Keyboards Becoming So Popular?

Regional Keyboards, as we can see, have become quite popular in recent times for a variety of reasons. While it is entertaining to use, it is also important to understand the different reasons for its apparent popularity among youth and millennials to use it in a better and efficient way.

1.     Voice typing: It’s thrilling when our own keyboard recognises our voice and types in the same manner to avoid costly mistakes. The voice typing features were primarily designed to save us time when typing. It is generally useful when typing long messages. All you have to do is tap on the feature with the mic icon to start listening to whatever you’re saying, and as soon as you fall asleep, it begins typing on the page in the same language. It clearly understands your regional language and provides accurate results in a timely manner.

2.     Prediction of text and emoji: Using artificial intelligence technology, the Regional keyboard easily predicts the text you will type or the emojis you will select while chatting. The technology is widely used in most keyboards, but in India, it is mostly used in English and Hindi. Regional keyboards provide better predictions in regional languages, allowing you to  increase your typing speed and the other person doesn’t have to wait for text for very long. 

3.     Google translation- The Google translation feature is extremely useful when conversing with people who are not from your region or when a person of another region is conversing with someone from a different one. The Regional keyboards have broken down the language barrier in communication but helping you to chat in the language of your loved ones and make them not feel like an outsider in the conversation.
To use this feature, simply click on the option to type your message, and Google will automatically translate it into the language of your choice.

4.     Sending memes, quotes, and so on- If you enjoy watching Regional movies, you should definitely include Regional keyboards in your daily conversations to have fun and discuss your favorite movie lines  and memes with your friends and families. This feature lets you share movie dialogues, quotes, funny lines from the movie, as well as memes.
Not only it makes you cool for being up to the date with the trendy dialogues but also increases inclusivity by sharing a personalised meme that your friends and relatives of different regions can enjoy.Download the keyboard and enjoy the fun filled communication with your close ones.

5.     Using emoji, stickers, GIFs: Sending stickers, emojis, and gifs to people is the most exciting and fun way to connect with them. It is critical to express our emotions while chatting with someone because we may appear rude and arrogant even when we are not, and the other person may not take you seriously even when you are attempting to have a serious conversation with the person.
These features enable us to have more effective conversations by sharing our emotions in the form of emoticons, GIFs, stickers, and so on. Conversations improve and your relationship with the other person improves as a result, which aids in connecting people internally and externally.

These are some of the prime  reasons why Marathi Keyboard is becoming increasingly popular and improving your ability to connect with others. Using these features will always make you appear cool. Use the keyboard and encourage your friends to do the same so that they don’t miss out on this effective mode of communication. 

To people from various regions, it is high time that you uninstall your old default keyboard on your phones and get your hands on none other than your personalised Marathi Keyboards for better entertainment while typing and texting in order to stay up to date with the latest trends of 2021.

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