Kiss Cut stickers Vs die Cut Stickers – Here is what you should know

The most distinct difference between kiss cut and die-cut stickers is how the Sticker has a backing finish. A die-cut is made usually is made using digital printing, but the Sticker is cut with no distinct background(white background) available. So mostly the diecut Sticker has it’s design’s shape. But in a Kiss-cut the digitally printed Sticker would have a lighter touch of the background.

Once the backing of the Sticker is peeled off, Both die-cut & Kiss cut stickers would look the same.

Both die-cut and Kiss-cut has the same raw materials. Mostly it is a digital print printed on white polypropylene. This material is very durable & would be stickable to any surface. Both Die-cut and Kiss cut has the same production process, except in die cut the entire background will be laser cut to match the shape of the design

Most people prefer kiss cut stickers as they are easy to peel off.
However, if you are planning on sticking your Sticker to a complicated surface, Such as your windshield, You may use a die-cut sticker as you will be able to navigate the Sticker more easily throughout the sticking process.

Where to buy the best die cut stickers in Australia?

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