Key Terms in Actual Online Betting

Most of the terminology is relatively simple, but some terms may be new to you. I suggest familiarizing yourself with these key terms if you are new to the sport of online betting or know little about it. You can find more information on various topics by doing research of your own on Google and/or Wikipedia.

Key Terms in Online Betting

– Parlay – A group of bets that are linked together into one wager (more than three bets).  These require at least two or more selections to win for the bettor to win, but this can yield great rewards.  Typically, payouts are greater than simply betting each selection individually since the risk/reward is much higher.  

– Over/Under – A parlay that includes wagers on both total points scored/allowed in a game/match.  For example, if you are betting on an over of 52 points, you are predicting there will be at least 52 points combined between the teams playing each other.  

– Handicap – A handicap is an advantage given to one team or player in order to make a match more fair and equal for both contestants.  A handicap can involve giving an extra “man” (a cricket term meaning the ability to bat/bowl an extra player) to a team, or changing the rules of play slightly.  This is extremely common in certain types of online betting like Esports.

– Spread Betting – Also known as “Match Betting.”  This can be done on individual sports events, not just entire leagues. “Spread Betting” is where you predict whether a selection will win by more than/less than a given amount of points or whether there will be more/fewer than a given number of handicap goals in soccer and rugby matches.

– Asian Handicap – A variant of spread betting in which teams start with different amounts of “man advantage,” IE: they have one player more than their opponent.  The handicap is calculated by adding/subtracting the number of “man advantage” to a team’s score before the start of play.

– Money Line – The odds for an outcome in which you win if your selection comes through without having to use any handicaps or points involved.

Why should you know that?

Knowing this simple key terminology will help you understand many online betting sites, for example  They will typically use special terms to describe certain bets, and the more familiar you are with these terms, the better informed you’ll be when looking for your wagers.  It will also help you get started and understand the differences between popular types of online betting like spread betting and money line bets.

It also helps to know that certain terms are common in specific sports, for example, spread betting is particularly common in soccer.  There are even subcategories of online betting like point-spread betting and money-line bets, which are quite popular with American football bets.  


Hopefully, this article has helped you gain a working knowledge of these important online betting terms.  It is not necessary to know all the intricacies of these bets, but knowing the language will help you to quickly understand what people are talking about when they refer to “match betting” or spread betting.  If you have any questions, feel free to conduct your own research. Thanks for reading!