Bitcoin was introduced to overcome the challenges of the conventional currency system. Fiat currencies are controlled by the central bank or government, and people have to depend on a custodian authority like a bank to make a transaction with fiat In the case of bitcoin, people can own this digital currency and make transactions with their coins without any custodian authority, as it is a virtual currency based on a decentralized network. Banks and governments cannot regulate or control this currency, and it can prevent inflation that you can face in the world of fiat currencies. Here, you can find some facts about BTC: 

Know the nature of bitcoin: 

Bitcoin does not have any physical presence, and you can find it virtually. You can make online transactions with BTC, and you buy goods and services with BTC. But it is not a legal tender, and retail outlets cannot generate any invoice in BTC. You can scan the QR code available on the retail outlet with your BTC app and make a transaction by entering your private key. They will convert your BTC into fiat currency and generate an invoice accordingly. 

Apart from that, bitcoin is highly volatile, and the price of this coin can fluctuate anytime without any prior indication. So, you can lose your entire funds overnight if you do not have any idea about this market. You must invest your surplus funds in BTC that you can afford to lose, and you can add other cryptocurrencies like ETH and Altcoins to your portfolio to reduce the risk of loss. 

How was bitcoin invented? 

Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper in 2008 where he described the technology of crypto or decentralized currency. In 2009, BTC was introduced in the market. Bitcoin is based on a decentralized network with several nodes. This peer-to-peer network is completely based on computer codes where miners are working to verify the transactions with BTC, and they will get a reward with BTC once they add a block to the network successfully. It is not easy work as miners have to work on the same block and get the reward if they verify the same faster than others. 

Spending one BT twice on two to three locations is impossible. BTC is capped at 21 million, and no one can mine an infinite number of coins. Demand and supply impact the value of Bitcoin. When the demand is high and supply is low, the price of a coin will be raised, and you can find it cheaper when the supply is enough and demand is low. 

Nowadays, you can use Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. The value of one Satoshi is around $0.00005. So, if you want to start with a small amount, you can buy a Satoshi and store it in your wallet. 

Is it illegal to trade bitcoin? 

No, bitcoin trading is completely legal because you need to pay taxes on the profits that you earn from your BTC investment, and the government cannot impose any taxes on an illegal asset. But a major number of bitcoin wallets and accounts have been hacked, and it has been found that many users used their coins to purchase guns and drugs. As a result, China and Russia have banned this coin, and countries, including US and UK, are trying to frame a guideline for BTC. 

China has introduced a crypto called Yuan Pay Coin, and you can invest in this crypto through the Yuan Pay Group. Digital Yuan is the official cryptocurrency of China and hence is a more credible option as compared to other cryptocurrencies in the market. 

You can transfer your coin to another account by entering your private key and using the user’s public key. Else, you can transfer the funds by scanning the QR code. However, you cannot make a refund request once you spend your coin.

Concluding thoughts

 Do not share your private key with anyone, and you can use a cold wallet to keep your funds safe. There are two types of wallets available for cryptos such as cold and hot wallets, and you can use a cold wallet connected with a device to access your coins.

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