Key Factors to Keep in Mind the Next Time You Need to Buy Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

The weather is warming up now. Before we know it, summer will be here, and with it, hot and muggy temperatures can make us uncomfortable and irritable-if our homes are not adequately prepared for the conditions.

While many of us focus on having HVAC systems in our properties, it’s also wise to have ceiling fans on hand. These can be used in conjunction with air conditioning to cool rooms quicker and enable us to run power-draining systems for less time. They’re also perfect for those warm but not boiling hot days or the breezy nights when we just need to move hot air around a bit to get more comfortable.

There are many fans on the market these days, so you may like to consider a few helpful purchasing tips the next time you have to shop for them.

Work Out Your Budget Before You Start Shopping

It’s a good idea to work out your budget for the fans before you go browsing options. Factor in the price of products themselves and things like the removal and disposal of old fans, delivery costs, and installation. When you set yourself a budget upfront, you can better focus on the best products for your needs, and you won’t get so distracted looking at options outside your means.

Take Measurements of the Room So You Know What You Have to Play With

Don’t forget to take careful measurements of the room(s) you’re sourcing fans for so you know how many products to buy, what types and sizes will be best, and where to position them in the space. It’s not as simple as just putting a fan in the middle of the ceiling and being done. Different types of ceilings, such as sloped ones, require different options.

Plus, you need to ensure you select the right-sized fans for the roof space and room area you have to play with. If you go too small, you won’t find the product moves air around enough, and the results will thus be frustrating. On the other hand, if the fan is too big for the spot you’re putting it in, you could soon feel like you’re in the middle of a wind tunnel. Also, you don’t want something that looks visually overpowering for the space.

Consider ceiling height carefully, too. For rooms with extra tall roofs, you may need multiple fans to circulate air enough, and you may need fans that come with long downrods for installation. However, for rooms with lower than usual ceilings, it’s best to check out low-profile ceiling fans that don’t take up too much room.

Get Clear on the Features and Look You Require

Before you start shopping for fans, something else to do is to work out exactly which features you’re after and the look you want to go for. These days, fans are more function-rich than you might expect, and they come in all sorts of different styles, so there’s plenty to choose between. Rank the factors that are most important to you from highest to lowest so as you browse, you’ll see which options best suit you.

For instance, you might be keen to find smart ceiling fans with remote controls and even programmable settings from apps or those with lights already incorporated into them. You may want a fan that’s as energy-efficient as possible, with an ENERGY STAR seal or a product made locally or from sustainable materials. Do you want specific speed setting options, a fan in a particular color, or one that will match a décor style, such as art deco? The clearer you are on these things, the sooner you should find suitable products.

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Research Options and Read Reviews and Testimonials

You also want to shop around to get the best possible product at the most value-driven price. Conduct plenty of research into the different fan types and who’s selling them, and don’t just head only to the closest shop or buy the first fan you find. Instead, take your time and investigate online retailers and brick-and-mortar ones. Learn about brand reliability and warranties, ease of installation, power usage, maintenance requirements, how costly products are to repair if needed, etc.

It’s also beneficial to read numerous reviews and testimonials about the retailers, manufacturers, and specific products you’re checking out. While you have to take feedback with a grain of salt as most offerings will get some negative responses, if you see that brands and goods get mostly favorable feedback, this should assure you that it’s okay to go ahead with the purchase.

The next time you need to buy one or more new ceiling fans take all the above factors into account. Don’t be rushed or pushed into a decision, and be firm about what will and won’t work for your property.