“Kalyx” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Kalyx” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Kalyx” got featured on Shark Tank USA on September 13, 2009. It was founded by Kimberly Cayce.

Kalyx’s net worth in 2022

Here is an update on “Kalyx Technologies” net worth so far.

Kalyx’s Networth before appearing on Shark Tank625,000USD
Kalyx’s Networth 201aN/A
Kalyx’s Current Networth (2022) Own by ActivewearUSA

Kalyx’s founder Kimberly Cayce has a net worth of 1 Billion USD as of 2022

Special Remarks: Kalyx Technologies was acquired by ActivewearUSA In 2012 and Kalyx founder Kimberly Cayce holds a Senior Marketing & Operations executive position with The Adzi Agency.

Updated :

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What is Kalyx?

Kalyx is a production company that runs under the slogan ‘A business created for women, by women and it makes a range of compact-style sports bras for a selected number of activities. The company uses several new techs to make its products outrun the market competition. 

Kalyx Technologies link fashion with bio-tech. The product is the definition of comfort. Try it. You’ll love it.

Who Is The Founder Of Kalyx?

Professional golfer, Mrs. Kimberly Cayce is the founder of Kalyx Technologies. She has committed herself to find an innovative solution to the most annoying matter of her sports life. The breast pain. All her efforts finally paid off in 2021. 

The Kalyx special bra is a masterpiece product that reflects Kimberly’s personal experiences. It is a 100% eco-friendly sportswear product made of recycled materials. 

What Happened At The Shark Tank?

When presenting her offer in the shark tank, Kimberly Cayce offered 20% of the equity of her company Kalyx Technologies, for $120,000.

After tabling the introduction of who she is and her team, Kimberly says quite a funny but interesting thing to catch the sharks’ attention. ‘when a woman exercises, balls are the only things that should bounce’ Robert started laughing at Kimberly’s statement.

After this case, Kimberly maintained professionalism and stated the uniqueness of Kalyx sportswear and the research and development history of the product. 

Daymond was curious about the initial investment, and the patent license of the company, while Kevin Harrington has questions about the macro view of the sports bar market and what are the plans she has for their investments. Barbara has questions regarding the payback period. 

Kimberly’s responses were unable to satisfy Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran. Hence both say they are out. Robert and Daymond both say they are also not moving forward with Kimberly. Kevin O’Leary stated that Kalyx Technologies needs a huge marketing budget but Kimberly has no idea about it. So he resists risking his investment. ‘So I’m Out’ says Kevin. All sharks were out and Kimberly leaves the shark tank without an investment. 


Mrs. Kimberly Cayce was unable to get an investor for her innovative apparel product business at the shark tank. However, she has received some tough advice from the sharks regarding her project. Some of them highly criticized her efforts and thoughts as well. 

However, she showcases her patience by holding the pain inside her without presenting emotions. 

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What Happened To Kalyx After The Shark Tank?

After receiving feedback from the sharks heartbroken Kimberly Cayce made an emotional statement of her commitment and the value of her project. She seemed like utterly demotivated and broke at the moment but lucky for her she had great colleagues at her disposal. They backed up Kimberly and launched a project with the City of Hope Hospital and donated a fortune to fight against breast cancer. 

Kimberly has generated over $240 grand from that particular project which is twice the size of investment she demands from the sharks at the tank. 

However, her appearance in the shark tank gives a huge boost to her website. Kimberly has sold over 4,000 units of her product to buyers who were thrilled by the content of that particular shark tank episode. 

Due to the company’s great success, ActivewearUSA has acquired Kimberly’s Kalyx Technologies in 2021, and now the empowered lady is working as a professional in the marketing and operations field.

Competitors Of Kalyx

As per the market research, the only competitor with a competitive operating capacity to Kalyx is the Under Armor Brand.