Jamie Siminoff’s Net Worth in 2023 – Success Story of Ring Doorbell Founder

Jamie Siminoff’s Net Worth in 2023 – Success Story of Ring Doorbell Founder

Jamie is a passionate entrepreneur who invented Ring doorbell; a Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell. He pitched his doorbell on Shark Tank season 5 in 2013, but couldn’t secure a deal with any Sharks. Five years after the Shark Tank rejection, Amazon acquired Ring (originally called Doorbot) for an estimated value of around 1.2 billion USD. Jamie Siminoff’s net worth is estimated at 300 million USD, as of February 2023. That made the reason for Siminoff to return Shark Tank season 10, as the first guest Shark who was a former contestant of the show.

How did he make this success? In this article, we are ready to share the story of a loser of Shark Tank who ended up on his journey as a guest Shark.

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Here is a quick recap about the incredible rise of Jamie Siminoff after the Shark Tank rejection to guest shark

Key Takeaways

  • Jamie Siminoff is the founder and CEO of Ring LLC.
  • Siminoff’s net worth is estimated at 300 million USD as of February 2023.
  • Amazon acquired the Ring for 1.2 billion USD in February 2018.
  • Siminoff appeared in Shark Tank season 5 in 2013 and failed to make any deal.
  • In October 2018, Siminoff participated Shark Tank Season 10 as a guest Shark.

How did Jamie Siminoff build his wealth?

As of February 2023, Siminoff’s net worth could potentially increase by approximately 300 million USD as a result of Amazon’s acquisition of Ring. Siminoff receives approximately 33 – 49.5 million USD annually from Ring, which is around 20%-30% of Ring’s annual revenue.

Even before he founded Ring, Siminoff was engaging in different ventures. Siminoff started his first company, “Your First International “just after his graduation.

After failing the business, he create PhoneTag in 2003. Siminoff was the founder and CEO of PhoneTag; the world’s first voicemail-to-text company. The company was making 2 million USD in annual income. However, Siminoff sold PhoneTag to YouMail for 17 million USD in 2009.

Further, He was a Co-founder and CEO at Unsbscribe.com which was making 25,000 – 100,000 USD annual income. Siminoff sold out the business in 2011.

He is currently working as the chief inventor at Edison Jr, President of NobelBiz, and chief strategy advisor of Ditech Networks (DITC).

let’s find out about his journey until Shark Tank’s rejection.

Jamie Siminoff’s story until Shark Tank rejection

Siminoff found the world’s first video doorbell while he was working in his garage in 2011.

“Ring, as the start, was a way for me to see a delivery person at the front door while I was in my garage. It wasn’t changing anything. But I had to let myself explore it.”

Jamie Siminoff

The journey of Ring was all about fighting over rejections, drawbacks, and challenges. Siminoff had to struggle over getting the patent for Ring. Even after getting the patent, Ring has been accused of stealing intellectual property from SkyBell Technologies. Despite lawsuits and other challenges, Ring was able to introduce innovative products to the market.  

Siminoff had a burning desire to upgrade his innovation to the next level. Collecting finance was his great obstacle. Siminoff started crowdfunding to raise 364, 000 USD for Doorbot. Then, he decided to pitch his product on Shark Tank to find financial backers for his venture.

let’s take a look at Siminoff’s experience at Shark Tank.

Jamie Siminoff’s Shark Tank appearance

Siminoff pitched his innovation; Doorbot on Shark Tank season 5, demanding 7 million USD for a 10% equity stake. Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond Jhon, and Lori Greiner were on the Sharks panel.

Only Kevin O’Leary offered Siminoff a 7 million loan in exchange for 10% of sales until the loan was completed. Further, O’Leary asked for a 7% cut of all sales from that point on, plus 5% equity in the business. Siminoff rejected the offer as he didn’t want any debt for his business. So, he returned without any deal.

“I was broke when I went on Shark Tank. I drove there from my garage afterward and went back to work. I was a real American dreamer going on the show to get money, and it was hugely disappointing.”

 Jamie Siminoff after shark tank

Although Siminoff was undergoing a financial crisis during 2015-2017. How hard the time was, he had a burning desire to develop his innovation to the next level. Finally, his passion paved the path to success.

Continue reading to find out How did Siminoff pave his way to success after the Shark Tank rejection.

The incredible rise of Jamie Siminoff after Shark Tank rejection- from Doorbot to Billionaire

The incredible rise of Jamie Siminoff after Shark Tank rejection- from Doorbot to Billionaire
Jamie Siminoff Timeline Infographic

It was true that the Sharks turned down the deal Siminoff wanted. However, the publicity Siminoff earned from the show saved his business.

Jamie Siminoff told,

“After “Shark Tank”, we started selling Doorbots like crazy and that drove sales to $3 million within the year.”

Following his appearance on Shark Tank, his business experienced a surge in growth. In just four years, he was able to expand his workforce to 1,300 employees and distribute the Ring product in 16,000 stores.

The product became a massive hit in the market. Soon after, Siminoff rebranded the company and registered the Doorbot startup as Ring LLC. Thereafter, the company was able to reach 5 million USD in annual sales.

In 2016, Shaquille O’Neal acquired an equity stake in Ring. The business raised over $200 million in investments from several investors including Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm Ventures, and Sir Richard Branson. However, Siminoff has been executed as the CEO of Ring LLC from the very beginning of the company.

In February 2018, Amazon purchased Ring for an estimated value between 1.2 – 1.8 billion USD in cash. This was the second-largest deal in Amazon’s history. The acquisition of Ring allowed Amazon to accelerate its sales and make the exclusive to Alexa. 

Later that year, the producers of Shark Tank contacted him and invited him to return to the show. Accordingly, he participated 200th episode of Shark Tank, season 10 as a guest Shark. He was the first one who went from contestant to Shark in Shark Tank history.

Jamie Siminoff’s Quotes

The story of Jamie Siminoff is an ideal inspiration to fresh inventors and entrepreneurs.  Avoiding indecision, not rushing into business too fast, solving own problems, not celebrating too much, hard work and determination are the main lessons that Siminoff’s journey reflects.

Jamie Siminoff's Quotes

An inventor is an artist. You want people to see the artwork and talk about it.

Jamie Siminoff's Quotes

I think it’s true that making no decision is worse than making a bad decision. Indecision is a really bad thing.”

Jamie Siminoff's Quotes

“One of my strengths is that I make a lot of gut calls, but I make them off of data.

Jamie Siminoff's Quotes

If you’re building a startup, the amount of decisions you have to make is extreme, and you can’t have a meeting on every decision.

let’s peep into Siminoff’s biography and married life.

Jamie Siminoff’s biography and married life

 BirthdayOctober 18, 1976
Birthplace Chester, New Jersey
 ParentsNot revealed
 Zodiac SignLibra
 Marital StatusMarried
 SpouseErin Lindsey Siminoff

Siminoff was born in Chester, New Jersey and he attended local West Morris Mendham High School. Then he moved to Babson College, Massachusetts, and earned an entrepreneurship degree in 1999. Just after earning his degree, he entered the field of entrepreneurship. 

His father was a pipe manufacturer and an entrepreneur who was the inspiration for Siminoff’s journey.

Jamie Siminoff married Erin Lindsey Siminoff on October 7, 2006. Erin Siminoff works at the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. They are leading a successful family life with their son; Oliver Siminoff.

Jamie and his wife Emily found the Siminoff Foundation which supports education and entrepreneurship. Further, they formed “Do Good with Ring” program that provides free home security ware to families in need.

Next, let’s find out the social media platforms where you can catch Jamie Siminoff.

Social Media

Siminoff is available on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter platforms.


Jamie Siminoff is the founder and CEO of Ring LLC. His net worth is estimated at 300 million USD as of February 2023. He appeared in Shark Tank season 5 in 2013 but failed to make any deal. In October 2018, Siminoff participated Shark Tank Season 10 as a guest Shark.


How much did Jamie sell Ring for?

Amazon purchased Ring at a reported 1.2 billion USD in 2018.

How old is Jamie Siminoff?

Jamie Siminoff is 46 years old.

Who is Jamie Siminoff’s wife?

Eirin Lindsey Siminoff is his wife.

Who are Jamie Simnoff’s parents?

Jamie hasn’t revealed information regarding his parents yet.

What is the illness that Jamie Siminoff’s son?

Jamie Siminoff’s son; Oliver Siminoff was born as a Galactosemia patient.