iTop VPN best VPN service in the market

“iTop VPN” best vpn service in the market

VPN aka Virtual Private Network is one of the most required services. However, there are several brands popular for extending private networks through public networks.

What is iTop VPN?

iTop VPN best vpn service in the market

iTop is a Virtual Private Network Service providing services with different servers around the world. Also, this is the best solution for those who are wondering if is VPN harmful. Because it’s the best supporter to hide all of your online activities from ISP.

Not only that it’s helping for fast and stable networks easily. It’s because iTop is working in almost 100+ locations around the world wide with high-speed servers.

Why iTop is the best VPN in the market?

What is the best VPN? is one of the most asked questions among internet users. Also, they are worried about whether is VPN free as many services on the internet charge high prices.

The iTop company was started in 2016. The company gained around 20 million users since then. Also, iTop is designing software and tools for desktop computers and mobiles for years. So it became an award-winning company for its amazing creations.

The iTop company is providing features apart from iTop VPN. For Example, iTop Screen Recorder, iTop Data Recovery, iTop PDF Editor, DualSafe Password Manager, and iTop Easy Desktop Plans.

How iTop become the best?

The iTop evolved with Salsa20(chacha20)256-bit encryption. Hence it secures the user with an anonymous stay in cyberspace. This provides an entertaining experience breaking border limitations from one country to another. Also its works easily in more than 100 locations. It’s because iTop is receiving support from 1800+ servers around the world.

Apart from the main features like VPN and screen saver, iTop is advancing many other features.iTop PDF editor is also one of the most proven pdf editors available. Users can easily update and edit pdf files using this software.

Also, DualSafe Password Manager helps users to secure an unlimited amount of passwords. Because the autofill passwords are health checked before inserting it’s the best place to create passwords. Not only that because it’s free more users have access without limitations.

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What is iTop giving its users?

iTop became top because it provides you with a lag-free internet experience. So the users can enjoy speedy streaming and gaming experience. Followingly the I top is the best to work with servers of WhatsApp, PUBG, Free Fire, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

Not only that iTop has the best Screen Recorder available now. It’s a lightweight computer software helping to record HD quality videos. The simple interface and a built-in editor are the easiest tools to operate. Also, the service is cleaner and faster than other software available.

The iTop data recovery tool helps to recover data no matter what format it was available. Because it can recover more than 1000 formats of audio, videos, photos, or documents. Also, it can recover from external devices like HDD and USB more conveniently. Furthermore, it has reached more than 3,000,000 downloads.