Is PayID a Good Banking Option for Australians

To find the best PayID casinos for you, it’s essential to know what they offer. Do they have a variety of pokies on offer? Are there live casino games? Does the site have a banking portal that gives you great rates and a wide selection of payment options? 

When people are shopping online, they want their purchases delivered immediately. If a website requires a credit card or electronic funds transfer, customers will likely abandon their cart and find another alternative store. 

The same case applies to online gaming in Australia. The Aussie players expect that the PayID casinos offer a convenient way to access funds even during the wee hours of the night. PayID makes this possible by making it easy for players to deposit money into their casino accounts without disclosing many personal details, such as credit card numbers and addresses.

As John Gold of BetPokies says, on the other hand, the PayID casinos profit from reduced transaction fees and low risk of sending funds to the wrong address. So, it’s safe to say that PayID is a good bank option for Australians. 

What is PayID?

PayID is a secure, online payment service that allows you to make payments and receive money from anyone with an email address or mobile phone number. It is a new way for people to pay each other without needing to share personal bank account details. Shortly after its inception, PayID casinos were introduced into the gaming industry. 

The service was developed by the New Zealand government and launched in 2014. It is designed for anyone over 16 years of age with access to an email address or mobile phone number. PayID can be used to pay for goods and services online, send money overseas, transfer funds between different Australian bank accounts, and transfer funds to PayID casinos.

Why Is PayID So Popular in Australia?

PayID casinos allow customers to deposit funds into their casino account using their PayID rather than requiring them to provide sensitive banking information such as their account number or sort code. This reduces the risk of fraud, as well as guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the Aussie players.

With the rise in fraudsters committing crimes using stolen information, PayID is proving to be a more secure way for customers to deposit funds into their accounts. The PayID casinos allow customers to deposit money without providing sensitive banking information such as their account number or sort code.

Thanks to the introduction of contactless cards and new payment systems, PayID casinos can provide a more streamlined customer experience. Not only is this safer for the customer, but it also makes life easier for the casino, which no longer has to deal with sensitive banking information.

The Convenience of Using PayID

Online gambling is now a billion-dollar industry, and it’s no surprise that casinos want to take advantage of its convenience. 

PayID casinos are now using online software providers;

  • to provide safely process customer payments, 
  • to deal with sensitive banking information, 
  • to provide a user-friendly interface for customers.

These new tools make it easier for PayID casinos to process customer payments and securely deal with sensitive banking information. Casinos are always looking for new ways to keep their customer’s private information safe and secure. New blockchain technology promises to help casinos stay on top of privacy concerns.

Is PayID Faster than Bank Transfer?

Yes, PayID transactions are completed instantly, while most bank transfers take between 3 to 5 business days. However, the first transaction will be held for 24 hours as the company confirms that the transaction is legit. 

The delay is a security measure that is designed to protect users from their accounts being used by fraudsters to transfer money to Australian PayID casinos. Transferring money from an account on the NAB Money platform to an Australian PayID casino can take up to three days. 

Nonetheless, bank transfers take too longer complete.

For this process to be completed quickly, you will need to provide your bank with a destination BSB and Account number so they can confirm the details. 

Have you ever had a situation where you just waited for your bank to process a wire transfer? It’s usually not a problem when it’s from one of your accounts to another, but if it’s from an account of yours to someone else’s, you have to wait for them. The bank will go through their steps, such as verifying the account and routing numbers on your behalf. 


PayID is one of the best bank options available to Australians today. One of its main highlights is that you don’t need to remember your account number and other details to initiate transactions or receive funds from PayID casinos. All you have to do is furnish the casino with your unique account identifier. 

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