Is Newton MA a Good Place to Live? Pros and Cons


Newton is a very gratifying city to live in. With a more than impressive public school system, a functional and seamless transportation system, and close proximity to Boston, the city is filled with so much variety. It has a population exceeding 88,000, and is known to have very open-minded residents, and is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

It is also popularly referred to as The Garden City, coined from its surplus tree-lined streets and great outdoor ambiance. If you would like to move to this wonderful city, then contact the professional Newton MA movers.

Are you wondering, if Newton MA is a good place to live? This post will provide you with all the needed information about this beautiful city to help you decide.

Insights About Life in Newton

1. Cost of Living

There are many factors to consider when moving to a new place. The cost of living is one of the most important factors. This is because you will need to decide if the cost of living is something you can afford or not, so you do not become stranded later on.

The cost of living in the city is slightly above average in comparison to other cities in the state. This means in moving to this city, you can expect to spend more on regular expenses like utilities, healthcare, transportation, and housing.

In newton, you can spend an average of $2,400 yearly and $4,800 if you have a family. You can spend as high as $1,680 on rent alone, leaving you with about $767 if you do not have to worry about rent. You should note, however, that the earned income is also considerably high, averaging $6,597.

2. Population

As earlier stated Newton, MA, has an average population of 88,660, and the average age of its residents is 41. It has an average family size of four, and less than 3% of its residents are considered to be living in poverty.

This means that if you are a young adult who is looking to start a family, then this is the perfect city for you. Also, if you are conscious of being in a diversified environment, then you should consider moving to Newton, MA.

3. Schools and Universities

Newton has about 15 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 2 high schools, and 7 colleges. These are inclusive of private and secondary schools.

Some public schools in the city are:

·      Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School

·      Underwood Elementary School

·      Oak Hill Middle School

·      Bigelow Middle School

While some private schools in the city include:

·    Fusion Academy Newton

·    Jackson Walnut Park School

·    The Fessenden School

·    Mt. Alvernia High School

·    Country Day School of Sacred Heart

·    Wellan Montessori School

4. Crime Rate

Considering its population and the crime rate other similar cities in the state, The city has a rather low crime rate. Newton falls in the top 4% of the safest places in the United States. Your chance of encountering a crime, whether it is a violent crime or a property crime, is 1 in 164.

Best Places to Live in Newton, MA

1.            Newton Center Village

Located about 30 minutes from downtown Boston, Newton Center is a great place to live in Newton. Its great educational system, easy navigation, and abundance of restaurants are some of the reasons people love the area.

2.            Waban Village

With the majority of its residents being homeowners, Waban is one of Newton’s most appealing areas. Although it is a small neighborhood, it is riddled with many historical buildings. Its markets are built in a way that gives off an old-fashioned feel. Grocery shopping is also a delightful experience here.

Some notable places in Waban are Stone L’Oven Pizza, Waban hardware, Pine Straw, Waban Library Center, and even Starbucks.

3.            West Newton Hill Village

With a population of more than 14,000, West Newton is one of the top places to live in Massachusetts. It provides its residents with a condensed suburban feeling, alongside easy access to restaurants and parks. It also has a highly-rated public school system.

1. Jackson Homestead and Museum

This museum puts on exhibition rotating and permanent displays relating to the history of Newton, MA. Jackson Homestead and Museum is a family-friendly museum with exhibits that address slavery. The museum is located in a house that serves as one of the stops for the Underground Railroad. It also provides information about prominent people and events in the city.

2. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a popular site for those who love to swim, canoe, and kayak. It is a 33-acre pond with underground sources. The lake has a bathhouse and beach that remains open in the summertime. It also caters to those who love to go on walks.

The beach is open to both locals and visitors at an affordable rate.

3. Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge

This is a national historic milestone covering approximately 23 acres, you should visit when in Newton. It is found along the Charles River, and is made up of a magnificent stone arch bridge. It has a distinctive trail that you can follow while taking a hike across the bridge.

You are sure to experience a serene and pleasant experience while taking a hike on this bridge and the best part is that it can be any time of the year.

4. Hammond Pond Reservation

This is another amazing place to visit in Newton, MA. It consists of several trails you can take hikes on. There are also many fascinating rock formations for you to climb. Those who love to fish, canoe, and kayak, are not left out of the fun, as well.


Newton, MA provides you with numerous reasons to move into the city. This post gives you a window into life in Newton, MA. If you would like to move into Newton, reach out to our support team to get started on the process today. You will have no regrets.