There are many myths and uncertainty in people’s minds about the Alesis Strike Pro drum kit. Therefore, people get confused easily about whether they should consider it or not. However, we have collected all the important information about this professional drum kit along with the features and performance. In this article, you will get to know that it is a good decision to buy Aesis Strike Pro or not. So, keep reading the article till the end!

Alesis Strike Pro Review:

Alesis Strike Pro is one of the popular products of Alesis. It was launched in 2017 and is designed to give tough competition to all the professional drum kits that are expensive and well-known in the market. The main purpose behind this drum kit is to compete for acoustic drum kits with advanced technology.The Alesis Strike Pro Drum Kit is one of the best electronic drum sets that offers a lot of features at a competitive price point, with a drum module that’s in the major leagues.

It is a professional 11-piece drum kit, 6 of which are drum parts, and are equipped with multi-level sensors whose sensitivity can be adjusted according to your playing style. With its advanced functions, universal sound modules, and beautiful appearance, the Alesis Strike Pro drum kit can be the best choice for beginners.

To make the Alesis Strike pro more clear to you, let’s have a glance at the pros and cons.

Pros OfAlesis Strike Pro

  • The sound quality is versatile and amazing according to many reviews of people who are using this professional drum kit.
  • The module of sound gives a perfect interface that you can edit sound samples and control other audio inputs. Moreover, it can also perform several functions to set the kit’s sensitivity and sound.
  • The module supports editing, sampling, and looping of multiple instruments so that you can produce recordings and tracks to combine the sound of the kit with other instruments from scratch.
  • The grid head has multi-sensor technology that allows the pad to react and emit a sound like an original acoustic drum.
  • Larger than the usual mesh drum head, it provides a feel similar to an acoustic drum kit. It is easier to switch to the acoustic Strike Pro as compared to other electronic drum kits.
  • It has a solid and strong chrome rack.
  • The sounding module is very decent as compared to the other drum kits.
  • Alesis Strike Pro is an affordable and professional drum kit than many other kits available on the market in this price range.

Cons of Alesis Strike Pro:

  • For making the cymbals perform accurately, you have to adjust various settings on the drum kit sounds module, which requires enough tolerance and time.
  • There is another issue with the hardware delivery and on the clamps for the mounted toms that is not a good symbol for any professional drum kit.
  • It is available only in a single red color. Hence, many people avoid buying this just because of the unavailability of colors.
  • Alesis Strike Pro has some issues with the hi-hat and piezo.
  • It does have an insufficient effects engine which is another drawback that users face.
  • It does not contain a dedicated audio interface.

The Final Words:

If we talk about the price and performance of Alesis Strike Pro, it has a very affordable price range with better quality and performance. Though there are many other options available in the market to choose from, Alesis Strike Pro somehow gives tough competition to all the other professional and expensive drum kits. This is why many people use this for practice and even on the stage. So, if you want to buy Alesis Strike Pro, it wouldn’t be a regret.

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