Is BNB a good investment?

 Binance Coin (BNB) was launched in the summer of 2017. The coin was intended to be used in the ecosystem and pay rebates to promote its use. All coins were pre-mined before the ICO, priced at $0.10 per BNB.

Despite the “crypto winter” of 2018, BNB has proven resilient in altcoin markets, with Binance Coin price continuing to receive considerable interest in 2021.

The demand for BNB has increased as the price of the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. The value of the Binance Coin doubled in 2021, going from about $40 to $683.82 in early May.

And can a Binance Coin price prediction hint that this big altcoin will break records again this year

Here we will look at the fundamentals of the BNB price and the main impacts on it. Is BNB a solid buy? Is BNB a good investment?

BNB is the backbone of the Binance ecosystem, founded by the popular cryptocurrency exchange of the same name. One of the main advantages is that this altcoin can be applied to cut trading expenses.

BNB is also a key component of the Binance Smart Chain, which is intended to be a more scalable and cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

Among his supporters is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), who has more than four million followers on Twitter. In a recent tweet, he said:

BSC is outperforming ETH. Fewer transaction fees mean a more inclusive #DeFi ecosystem.

Although CZ emphasizes that he does not give financial advice, his enthusiasm about the BNB forecast and its future potential is evident.

The market value of this digital asset reached $90.2 billion in December 2021, surpassing Ether’s $485.1 billion valuations.

Although the idea of a flipping may seem far-fetched, proponents of BNB claim that this digital asset holds promise for the future.

Caution is advised when investing in cryptocurrencies, and the information presented on the site is not financial advice.

Many people were hesitant to invest in 2017 because it was too dangerous, but it was useless in 2018 because the market crashed.

As of 2021, one narrative being put forward is that BNB has already been “pumped”, implying that it is too late to enjoy future price swing

You would be a millionaire today with a $500 BNB investment since mid-2017.

In June 2021, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) informed Binance Markets Limited (BML) and Binance Group, noting that BML “is not authorized to engage in any regulated activity in the UK.”

“Beware of social media advertising that promises huge returns when investing in crypto assets,” the watchdog warned.

Announcing that “BML is a separate legal corporation,” Binance argued that the FCA notice will have “no direct impact on the services it provides through”

The FCA has warned Binance Group that it has not yet launched its operation in the United Kingdom nor has it been authorized to execute any regulated activities.

With the new rules in place, the fate of the coin, or at least investors’ access to funds, depends on how the FCA and others regulate. Remember that markets are unpredictable and recent performance does not always predict future performance.

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