Is a Wrongful Death Settlement Taxable? A Quick Guide

Is a wrongful death settlement taxable or not? Have you recently lost a loved one? If you have, you may be wondering if their wrongful death settlement is taxable. 

A wrongful death settlement can be a large sum of money, and it’s important to understand how it is taxed.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. That’s why we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your future.

Read on for more information.

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Let’s Start With Civil Lawsuits

One common type of legal claim is a negligence-based one. This type of claim can happen when someone doesn’t act responsibly and that causes someone else to get injured or die.

For example, if someone doesn’t keep their property safe and someone gets robbed, they might be held responsible for the injury or death. 

An Intentional Tort

In contrast with negligence-based claims, in these cases, the plaintiff is responsible for providing definitive proof that the other person intended to cause harm.

There are two types of intentional torts that can result in damages being claimed by survivors without taxation being an issue: battery and assault. 

Looking at Criminal Lawsuits

Taxes can be a problem when you get money for pain and suffering. The law says that this kind of money is not taxable. This is because it is like getting paid if you were in an accident and got hurt.

But if you get paid for emotional pain instead of physical pain, this might be a different story, which we will touch on next.

Criminal Claims in Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death claims based on intentional crimes can be brought in some states. If someone’s criminal actions caused your loved one to die, you can issue a wrongful death lawsuit to get money as a survivor.

Are Settlements Received in Wrongful Death Claims Based on Crimes Taxable?

It depends. If you can prove that you or your family experienced emotional distress before the victim died, only the money you get after his death is taxable.

This means that if you get a settlement award before the person dies, it doesn’t have to be reported as income on your taxes. But what about legal fees?

Unfortunately, punitive damages awarded under tort law are usually considered taxable, even if they are not based on negligence or another reason.

What About the Tax Treatment of Compensation for Lost Future Earnings?

Usually, the rule is that any depreciation in the value of the home over time is not counted.

If you’re worried about how this might affect your paycheck, you should check your state’s guidelines and talk to a wrongful death lawyer.

So, Is a Wrongful Death Settlement Taxable? 

If you are still asking the question, “is a wrongful death settlement taxable?” it might be frustrating to hear that the answer is, unfortunately, it depends.

However, every case is different, and if you talk to a wrongful death attorney, there may be ways to reduce or avoid paying taxes on your settlement altogether. 

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