Allow us to introduce you to the incredible world of financial assets trading. This world has numerous opportunities for you whether you are an investor or a trader. 

So how do you decide what your mode of entry into the financial trading world?

There are two steps for you to follow:

  1. Decide whether you wish to be an investor or trader or even both!
  2. Who will you choose for your entry trade platform?

Firstly, let us differentiate between investors and traders. 

An investor is a long-term player who builds a portfolio keeping in mind profits beyond a year. 

Whereas a trader is a short-term player, they are focused on gains earlier than a year. For example, even a day!

Before you begin your rewarding journey, let us inspire you with Invest Atlas, an agent operating a brokerage platform to be your trading partner.

Invest Atlas is based online and has a worldwide outreach. Home to a global client list, Invest Atlas provides the tools, data and outreach to trade a range of financial products. 

Invest Atlas And The Variety Of Trading Methods

Every one of us comes into the financial world with different expectations, assumptions and affordability. 

Therefore, Invest Atlas has a variety of trading mechanisms embedded within its trading brokerage.

With Invest Atlas you will find these variety of trading accounts. 

These account types are:

Account TypeLevel OneLevel TwoLevel ThreeExpert Level
CurrencyPound, Dollar Or Euro
SpreadsDifferent spreads
LeverageDifferent leverage levels across 
Customer Support AvailabilityAcross time zones, five days a week

Trading Platform

Any broker’s focal point in today’s financial trading world is their trading platform. Invest Atlas has ensured a sublime platform for its customers. This platform is robust and has a superior trading terminal. 

The system backing is powered by a stable mechanism. This system helps trade the variety of trade products on offer. 

Empowering The Users Through Knowledge Building

Invest Atlas is of the firm opinion that no client can succeed in the complex and risky world of financial trading without a sturdy knowledge base. That knowledge base can only be developed via consistent insight in the trading world through various means. These are a mix of blog articles, a mix of financial news and a mix of different analyst opinions on the market from time to time. This helps the user do two things:

  1. The user understands risks in depth
  2. The user is empowered to make their own decisions via the knowledge and insights gained through Invest Atlas platform.

The Trade Products And Their Risks For Beginners

In order to facilitate beginners entry into the financial trading world, Invest Atlas makes sure that no question is left unanswered when providing insights into products, risks, leveraging, portfolio building and so on.

There are webinars and educational blog content along the lines of:

  • Equities: What are they? How do we benefit from them? How do we build a portfolio with only equities.
  • Indices: What are country specific indices and how can we benefit from investing in them?
  • Cryptocurrencies: how do digital currencies spur the benefits of a diverse porfolio
  • CFD’s: Should you invest in them? Can you understand them?

These are a just some inspirational examples of the type of insights provided by Invest Atlas. 

Invest Atlas: Is It Your Type?

The brokerage platform is robust and aims to be your choice for years to come. Invest Atlas wants to be your all in one and one for all broker.

Customer service which is unrivalled and a feedback loop that is always implemented, Invest Atlas keeps you first.

Lets take the next step of our journey by becoming a part of Invest Atlas. Log on your details on their website, fund your account and start your journey into the financial world with Invest Atlas as your trading partner. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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