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Water is an important substance, necessary to sustain every life form found on the Earth. 

Despite this, it is also relatively scarce as only 3% of the total amount of water found on Earth is actually usable for human purposes – hygiene, production, health, etc. 

Every day we use water for a variety of purposes without realizing just how important it is. 

Let’s look at some interesting facts that will encourage you to be more mindful when using water.

1. Water Is A Temperature Regulator

Not just for us humans but for the planet too! 

The water bodies on earth act as insulators when the Earth is further away from the Sun and cool the temperatures when the Earth is closer to the Sun. 

2. Water Is Less Dense As A Solid Than As A Liquid

Yeah, we all knew that since we’ve studied basic sciences, so why mention it here?

The majority of our planet is covered in water. So if ice didn’t float our oceans would all be frozen for the most part!

This would restrict a majority of life forms from even existing and we humans would probably not even be here today.

3. Water Is The Healthiest Beverage!

Zero calories and loaded with beneficial minerals – this beverage is the holy grail for health enthusiasts. 

Not only is water necessary for our daily bodily functions but it’s an incredibly versatile drink that can be used to make healthy detox drinks infused with herbs and fruits.

4. Water Maintains Dental Health 

While we are recommended to drink water every day in sufficient quantities, it should be noted that the type of water matters as well. 

Fluoridated water is great at fighting cavities, maintaining your pearly white teeth, and also strengthening them.

But naturally occurring well water and water in rural areas may have high concentrations of fluoride that can affect the appearance of your teeth. If you’ve been exposed to such water in childhood and suffer from dental fluorosis, you should check out Smile’s Teeth whitening trays for excellent results. 

5. Only 1% Of The World’s Water Is Drinkable

And even from that 1%, most of the water is found in Antarctica, the rest being found elsewhere in ground waters, lakes, etc. 

We must be mindful of how we use this water until other, cheaper methods of desalination are found.

6. Billboard Provides Drinkable Water

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru devised a billboard that converts humidity in the air into potable water for its residents. 

Nowadays this billboard produces approximately 95 liters of clean water every day.

7. Water Can Have Side Effects

Hard water and soft water are both phrases we have heard being used around us, they simply signify the number of minerals found in a certain supply of water. 

Hard water is damaging in many ways, as it can spoil plumbing, skin and house walls. 

The kind of water supply you get really depends on your location, but finding out if your water supply is hard or soft can help you curb its side effects.

8. Water Naturally Exists In All Three States

It may seem ordinary at first thought but think about it, how many other substances have you come across which are present as liquids, solids, and gasses? 

Water is present as ice, water, and steam all in front of us with no extraordinary circumstances needed. 

How cool is that!


Water is one of the most important substances for our survival on a personal and societal level.

Despite being an ordinary, everyday substance there are many interesting facts about water. 

More findings about water could possibly be the key to unraveling the secrets of the universe.

The more you learn about water, the more curious you become. Isn’t it?

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