Infrastructure Concerns Lead To Rethinking Of Best Practices

In 2021, infrastructure is a hot topic. President Biden has made a push to repair America’s roadways through the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act, and the world watched as the tragic Surfside condo collapse played out through CCTV footage in Florida on June 24, 2021.

With all of the buzz about infrastructure taking place, construction professionals and industrial engineers are encouraged to take part by reviewing their own building and design practices. Additionally, now is a good time to review material procurement and make adjustments accordingly.

It may also be time to think about getting things like epoxy anchors from trusted suppliers instead of purchasing materials from random sources around the web. While there are plenty of deals to be had online, concerns about the structures that make up America’s commercial viability deserve to be addressed using trusted products from reputable suppliers.

Consistency Remains Vital

Building professionals know that projects are often easier to complete when consistent practices and materials are used from start to finish. Consistency also provides confidence in knowing that the final result will deliver a quality product.

Consistency is a cost-saving vehicle as well since it can provide better estimates. Knowing the average cost of using particular building materials, including AC 100 epoxy or A7+ epoxy anchors, allows construction planners the ability to start with a reliable budget and stick closer to it throughout a project.

Purchasing Decisions Have Changed

In the quest for consistency, material acquisition is another factor that looms large over the building process. As mentioned above, it’s easier than ever to purchase materials online, but dealing with random suppliers that provide scant product details can be costly. Some products may be inferior by design, or worse, misleading product information could lead to the integrity of a project coming into question.

For these reasons, it’s often best to deal only with known and reputable rainscreen suppliers. This is not to suggest that online suppliers are a bad choice as most reputable building materials suppliers have a large presence on the web. Instead, you’re simply encouraged to do your research before buying from a supplier that you aren’t familiar with.

Likewise, you might consider looking locally for items like HY200 epoxy anchors. Buying from a local supplier can give you peace of mind, and you may be able to gain access to local discounts that aren’t available online.

Continuing Education Is Key

Contractors are also encouraged to remain on top of the latest in materials advancements and building best practices. This can be done through various industry publications, but it can also be beneficial to review online videos to learn about new tools and technologies.

Whatever path is chosen, continuing education can play a major role in supporting quality. This is especially true with a large, diverse workforce that may have differing levels of skill and experience. Newer employees will need to learn the basics to form a foundation, but more experienced workers will need to stay on top of the latest trends in construction to avoid being left behind.

Update Review And Testing Procedures

Reviewing and testing designs both before and after construction is something virtually all construction professionals do already; however, some are using outdated methods that can leave projects vulnerable. Now would be a good time to take another look at review and testing processes to ensure that they adhere to current standards using the latest materials.

Ultimately, this will ensure a better final product and promote safety since problem areas are more likely to be caught before they become major concerns. Designers and builders must work closely on this aspect of each project so that everyone involved is aware of what needs to be examined and when.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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