4 Best Indian Food Dishes in Houston that should must-try

Indian Food Dishes in Houston
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Traditional flavors of Delhi are accessible in thetop Indian food restaurants in Houston. People living in the US get skeptical when it comes to Indian food especially in Houston, in the fear that it is too spicy for their mild palates. 

However, on the contrary, thebest Indian foodis found in the top restaurants in Houston because of the growing demand. Once you try Indian food, there is no going back. 

There is so much to enjoy and love about best Indian food in Houston. The burst of flavors, in the Fbeginning, can at times be a lot to handle however, it is indeed addictive. If you try Indian food yourself, you will see that it is the common kitchen spices such as basil, pepper, and salt that are mostly used. 

Why Indian Food is famous in Houston?

One main reason why Houston Indian food has become so famous in the US is that the chefs in town have been experimenting with traditional and modern Indian flavors for decades. There are multiple flavor combinations that one can play with. 

In the main Indian cuisine, more than 30 spices are used, each providing a unique edge to the dish in terms of flavor and aroma. 

If you want to try out the top Indian restaurants in Houston, then there are four top dishes that you must order for a life fulfilling culinary experience. 

Is your mouth watering already? Let’s get started. 

  1. The Crispy & Crunchy Samosa

Samosas are one of the most favorite dishes in India, in fact in the entire sub-continent. Hence, the top Indian restaurants in Houstonserving the best Indian food have a specific menu set aside for all types of samosas. 

You can enjoy crispy samosas with fillings of chickpeas, mashed potatoes, onions, flavored with spices and served with an assortment of sweet and sour chutneys. Some places also make samosa filled with spicy chicken mince. 

The base of the samosa is prepared using flour that is then filled with lentils, potatoes, chicken mince, or onions. The flour dough is wrapped around the filled and deep-fried in hot oil. These are served oven hot with special chutneys and chickpea masala curry.

Modern chefs have also experimented with sweet samosas. Hence, this versatile dish can be served as an appetizer, tea dish, and dessert. If you are looking for yummy tea-time snacks, Indian samosas should be at the top of your list. 

  • The Crunchy & Tender Pakoras

Pakoras are a type of Indian version of the fritters. They are savory and made of vegetables or chicken coated in a chickpea batter. Pakoras are a famous tea-time snack in India that is served with an assortment of chutneys and yogurt mint dips. 

The vegetables such as potatoes, eggplant, onion, cauliflower, or boneless chicken are marinated in dry spices and coated with chickpea flour batter. The coated veggies and chicken are then deep-fried in hot oil, leaving the outer side crunchy and the inner side tender and soft. 

They make a great appetizer and tea-time snack. In fact, in India, pakoras are the most loved street food. 

  • The Classic Tandoori Chicken

The bright red grilled chicken may look extremely hot and spicy, but it is full of flavor that can make anyone fall in love with Indian food. It has balanced spice flavors comprising of chile, cayenne pepper, chili flakes, turmeric, and paprika. 

The chicken is marinated in the spice mix along with fresh yogurt and left for at least a day for the flavors to get absorbed in the protein. The yogurt in the marinade helps cool the extra hot spicy flavors of the spice mix. 

After the marination time, the chicken is cooked on a special stove made of clay where it gets the chargrilled BBQ flavor. The dish is served with paratha, roti, or white basmati rice along with other condiments; fresh onion salad, and mint yogurt dip. 

  • Masala Chana 

Masala channa is another flavorful non-vegetarian Indian dish that you will find on the menu of all top Indian restaurants across the world. 

The dish is prepared using chickpeas (channa) that are cooked in a fresh tomato puree, onions, spice mix, and yogurt. The main spice which brings out the actual flavor of the dish is the garam masala.

Many restaurants have developed their own unique chana masala recipes which include dried mango powder, cumin powder, ginger, garlic, tamarind, along with other spices. It is a proper main course meal that is served with either roti, paratha, or white rice along with fresh onion, and cucumber salad. 


Indian food is hard to miss especially if you are a food lover who likes to experiment with all kinds of cuisine. Try the top dishes mentioned above and you will keep coming back for more and more Indian food at top Indian restaurants in Houston .