Increasing your LinkedIn followers in an organic and inorganic manner

Increasing your LinkedIn followers in an organic and inorganic manner

Engaging with the right audience requires patience and consistency. It is not possible to get success overnight, and one needs to stay for a long haul to impact your social media account.

The idea of connecting with followers, especially when operating on the world’s largest online platform for professionals, i.e., LinkedIn, is to drive ROI for one’s business. It would be foolish to leave big stakes to chance unless one has an excellent strategy to build up a solid and effective social presence in an organic and inorganic manner.

Set goal

One needs to set the engagement target at the outset. Developing a content roadmap is vital to ensure what one needs to achieve on one LinkedIn page. Having valuable content helps to engage the audience. Another way to gain meaningful engagement is to keep providing consistent and regulated posting on the LinkedIn Page, which fosters familiarity.  A good strategy would be to ensure early morning posts or late night as they are non-business hours and see the highest engagement.  One can experiment and use the analytics to see what works best for them as every audience is different.

Another way of getting audience engagement and followers is to have an Eye-catching format that can grab attention. Rather than just text updates on the LinkedIn page, one can also embed videos that transform one’s page from static to dynamic and make the post stand out.  According to research, it was seen that LinkedIn members were found to share video posts several times more than any textual post.   One can also post word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoints. Many companies share their “culture stories” by giving a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work in their organizations.

Having a strategic Content Mix

Using the 4-1-1 rule, one can post a single content followed by sharing an update from another source and four other content pieces published by others to keep the audience engaged and cater to their needs.  Adding fresh content is okay but not compulsory. One can also share top-performing content so that one is compulsory. Who has missed out on the first time can get a chance to see it again? These activities keep one LinkedIn page popular as more and more audiences start following the page with anticipation of fresh content and resharing popular content, webinars, blogs, and social posts.

Increase audience and followers

It is churning out quality content that caters to the audience’s pain points and business needs. One can see engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments. Over time, it translates into connecting with an increasingly more extensive community of the right people. This, however, is time-consuming though it is the right strategy in the long run.  For someone who has a new LinkedIn account, it makes sense to buy LinkedIn followers as it is perfectly safe for one’s page.

After taking the service of these providers of followers, one can get genuine followers as LinkedIn followers. The service providers run the campaign automatically after one subscribes.  This helps give more exposure to one’s profile and then get the organic audience to become the followers.