In the Gambling Industry Entering a New Era of Bonuses

There was once a time when online gambling sites didn’t need to offer any sort of welcome bonus at all. That period was short-lived, though, because the industry boomed, and countless sites popped up from nowhere. Then, it became imperative for companies to provide bonuses to attract players.

As the online casino industry has evolved, the deals available have changed and grown in value. Now, it feels like a new era is upon us, in which sites become more inventive with their offers to win players over with originality.


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Wonder Wheels Add to the Bonus Process

The online casino industry is awash with offers to attract players, but the most successful sites are the ones that can retain customers for a long period of time. This can be achieved with regular bonuses, with daily free spins on Wonder Wheel being a prime example of this. Players can spin the wheel to get a chance to win free spins on slot games, monetary bonuses, and scratch cards.

Players enjoy this form of bonus because it’s a game in itself. Just like the tables and slots at the site, it has an unpredictable outcome. This means that, along with knowing they are getting a bonus, players can interact with the gamified elements of the deal at the same time. It’s also memorable, and players may be more likely to return to a site because they appreciated the innovative bonus. This could easily be a new trend in the industry, as brands aim to stand out from their competition in a different way.

Sites Need to Adapt Quickly to the New Trend

In business, when a new trend emerges, companies that don’t adapt can get quickly left behind. One of the greatest examples of that in modern times is Blockbuster, and the way the classic video rental store failed to align itself with the internet age. It swiftly went bankrupt and now serves as a warning to every other business in the world.

Modern internet companies also need to be well aware that freebies and promotions are still among the best ways to win customers. Online consumers have become accustomed to getting something before they pay, from access to free shows and movies with streaming services like Netflix, to vouchers to use with companies such as Deliveroo.

In the online casino industry, offers are hugely important because players know they can find them everywhere. Due to this prevalence, however, they may have lost some of their power. After people got used to the deposit match, sites started adding free spins as well. But even that has become somewhat normal in 2023. Now, opting for more unique deals that include elements of gamification could be the key to success. 

There’s certainly an argument to say that traditional casino bonuses have lost their shine and brands need to do more to get attention in the thriving market. This could mean that there’s an increase in original promotions such as lucky wheels.

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