Importance of Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy is an important topic to discuss these days. It is even more important to those people who cannot have their biological baby on their own. Moreover, surrogacy is of  great help to such people. Amazingly, in Ukraine, surrogacy is legal as well, it is considered the hub of surrogacy. People can carry out surrogacy as a legal agreement in Ukraine and take their baby along with them to their respective countries. Aside from that, it is done through different agencies and clinics.


Surrogacy is defined as the process in which a lady known as a surrogate mother carries someone else’s baby in terms of a favor or for the sake of money. Moreover, one can opt for this procedure and get the best surrogate who will be the source of carrying your baby in her womb. Aside from that, you can perform this procedure in two ways; through traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy is the straightforward process in which the surrogate is biologically connected to the child as her eggs are used for fertilization. The father’s sperm is used in this process. Moreover, this makes the surrogate the real mother of the child.

Whereas in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is only used as the carrier of the baby. She is not biologically linked to the baby and has no ownership of the baby. In this procedure, the eggs are used from the mother and the sperm belongs to the father, which makes them the real parents of the baby.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogate mothers in Ukraine are supposed to live in a fresh environment. The environment plays an important role in the development of the baby. Moreover, the surrogate is to eat clean and fresh food. And must not consume any harmful substances such as smoke or take drugs. Moreover, surrogacy in Ukraine is cheap as compared to other countries in the world. Aside from that, Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy and couples from all across the world opt for Ukraine if they want to carry out this procedure. There are several services that we offer to our customers. All the services are carried out under the strict supervision of the experts and no procedure is left unattended. Besides, even in some services, the couple can select the gender of the baby. But the charges are high if one opts for such service.

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There are several reasons for surrogacy. Some of those reasons are as follows:

●  Male infertility

When there is an issue with the sperms, infections, congenital abnormalities of the reproductive organs, there is evidence of the presence of male infertility.

●  Loss of uterus

When there is an accident which leads to the loss of the uterus, the chances are less to have a baby.

Be careful with surrogacy. 

Along with the increasing popularity of surrogacy in different countries. There are also some deception cases that are caught. The couple fall under the trap and either get no money or the baby. Biotexcom is a company in which such a case took place where the sperm of the father from the couple had to be used, but instead someone else’s sperm was used which upon DNA did not match the father And the baby was not recognized in the residing country of the couple.

Final words

However, surrogacy is an amazing procedure that came into being to full fill the wish of having the baby of their own for many couples. Moreover, many people got the opportunity to carry out the procedure and were successful. However, some were trapped and did not get the baby.