Businesses are investing these days for their security. Do you know why? The reason behind so much investment in business security is the internal and external threats. Over the years, businesses worldwide have transformed and integrated with technology. I am wondering everything has shifted on the web, and people are using apps and browsers to sell products online. Even we are living in a time where we used to order food online using our mobile devices active with the food applications.

Therefore, cell phones and PCs have become the target. Digital devices are the goldmines these days. People love to breach your privacy to know about your business secrets to making easy money. Social networking apps are beneficial for business, but these are playing a negative role as well.

WhatsApp is the leading messaging app that is useful from a business perspective, but it could harm your business due to its voice and video call feature. Your workers can also use it for messaging, chats, voice chats, files and media sharing activity that could destroy your business to the ground. 

How can WhatsApp destroy your business?

WhatsApp is a social network that seemingly helpful for businesses and workers. It has a dark side as well. Your employees can turn disgruntled; a hacker can sweep your files and many other threats that destroy your business. You have to catch up with the activities of your employees to protect your business using TheOneSpy whatsapp call recording app. 

Data breaching

Business professionals provide cellphones and tablet devices and allow their employees to use social networking app for communication like WhatsApp. Employees can create groups and contacts with colleagues, clients, and senior executives. Messaging apps for corporate communication turns rouge because of the employees. Employees can breach business privacy and then share it with third parties via WhatsApp calls, messages, chats, files, and voice messages.

Time wasting

The goldbricking activities of employees can waste time during working hours. Employees worldwide waste 2 to 3 hours a day. They use social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and many more. Do your employees use WhatsApp for business communication? You need to make sure that they are not using it for personal chats and conversations using business devices. It enables employees to waste business hours, and that’s for sure. 

Stealing of intellectual property

Business intellectual property is crucial for business safety. Anyone who breaches your business data can make easy money by selling it to your competitors. WhatsApp is one of those messaging apps that is widely used for business purposes. Your employees can use the business phones running with WhatsApp to steal your business secrets and leaves your business folder empty. They can also temper your business files to gain lucrative motives. You can record and monitor every move of your employees during the working hours. 

How would an employer secure business? 

It is easy these days to secure your business and business secrets to the fullest. You record and listen to the VoIP calls on social networks without root using WhatsApp call recording. Moreover, read messages, chats, voice, and video call logs. You can get the message logs and track media files and documents of the WhatsApp social messaging app. Question do come to mind how anyone can monitor messaging apps active on business devices.

The answer is the WhatsApp video recording and call recording app. It is the best solution for business professionals that allow workers to communicate via voice and video calls on the social messaging app. It is one of the best features of cell phone monitoring software. It enables users to record and listen to the verbal and non-verbal communication of your employees. It works secretly and discovers every move of your employees on business devices active with messaging apps. 

Top 5 things that help you out to secure business: 

Apart from the recording of voice and video calls on the instant messaging app, you can track and monitor the following activities. 

Read WhatsApp Messages

You have to read text messages sent and received on WhatsApp without your employees knowing. It enables employers to track what they are talking about during working hours on business devices. Employers can catch rouge employees who are involved in fishy conversations.

Group chats & conversations

WhatsApp groups and group conversations could become lethal and destructive for business professionals. Employees can share secret information about business in group chats. Business professionals can prevent the unveiling of business information to any third party by taking control over messaging apps.

Shared files

Employees can share business documents with anyone and unveil the intellectual property during working hours on messaging app. Employers can monitor social networking app and get to know what employees are sharing.  You can spy on shared files on instant messenger.

Voice messages logs

Employers need to track voice message logs on WhatsApp to know whom they are sending and receiving voice messages on business phones. It helps employers to secure the business data and secret information on the go to the wrong hands.

Retrieve deleted messages

Employers can also retrieve the deleted messages and chats conversations on WhatsApp to know the chat history on business phones. 

How it is possible to record WhatsApp calls, chats & messages? 

You can secure your businesses using a call recorder for WhatsApp, but you have to read chats, messages, media sharing, and voice message logs. You can WhatsApp to get all these features to secure your business. You can use cell phone spy to record voice and video calls and monitor every activity on the messenger. 

How phone spy software works? 

Employers can subscribe to a cell phone monitoring app that is pack with dozens of monitoring tools and allow you to monitor social networks chats, call logs, chat, messages, and record VoIP calls. It is easy to install TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software on business devices, and record WhatsApp calls without them knowing. Users not only record VoIP calls and monitor every move of employees on messaging apps.


WhatsApp call recording is the best tool for business professionals to record incoming and outgoing calls of employees. It also enables you to read messages, chat, voice chat, media files, and voice messages. 

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