How Workday Adaptive Insights Work

If you’re still making plans from spreadsheets, you know in your heart of hearts that that’s not going to cut it. You see your competitors with automated systems, and you’ve been meaning to get to get up to speed. But now that the pandemic has upended everything, and continues to do so, you need to be agile. You also need to be making strategic decisions that are based on data.

With Workday Adaptive Insights, rebranded to Workday Adaptive Planning, you don’t have to deal with the time-sucking reporting processes and inaccurate data that usually accompany Excel-based reporting. You also can keep major stakeholders apprised of how the company’s doing in a way that’s collaborative, all-encompassing and continuous.

Here’s how Workday Adaptive Insights work, and more.

The Issue

If you’re always bogged down during madcap budgeting time, you really don’t have to be. You also don’t have to struggle for collaboration or deal with piles of spreadsheets that you tackle manually, causing headaches galore. Then there’s the risk of outdated data and obsolete or unconnected systemic formulas. The bottom line is that, if you don’t rise up to the Modern Age with a system like Workday Adaptive Insights, you’ll always be wasting time, and ultimately money, on a process that’s frequently simplified or rushed.

Adaptive Insights Explained

The world’s premier business planning cloud for finance teams, Adaptive Insights was created for finance pros by a former chief financial officer. The software provides fast, easy, and accurate reporting that will allow you to stay on top of your organization’s performance while keeping leaders and other vital stakeholders in the know.

Adaptive Insights integrates smoothly with tailored and standard data sources, by the way, both on premises and in the cloud.

Adaptive Insights and Budgeting, Planning

The user-friendly Excel-like app provides forecasting, budgeting, and financial planning software that you can use for balance sheet forecasting, and cash flow and sales projections.

The system has a strong planning and forecasting engine and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that you can use for financial modeling across forecast, budgets, and long-term plans. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, though, because while the software is easy to use, it’s complex and highly sophisticated.

Adaptive Insights and Mercer

To maximize your Workday Adaptive Insights benefits, as well as your ROI, you need a Workday partner. We recommend the consultant Mercer, a longtime such partner, for its unrivaled datasets and more.

By itself, technology cannot drive change, and decisions should not be made without proper support. If you buy and launch Adaptive Insights through Mercer, you’ll have access to a mighty tool AND those datasets. Don’t you wish to have accurate, up-to-date data on which your organization can base its strategic decisions?

With Mercer, you can use the system to create various budget scenarios, plus you’ll have flexible modeling for finance, workforce ratios, and sales capacity. You’ll also be able to, say, staff your organization for financial goal achievement, and pinpoint territories or industries for which you need fresh blood. What’s more, with Mercer, you can assess disparate proposals without the need to manually track work and redo.

Now that you know how Workday Adaptive Insights works, you’ll surely get your organization up to speed. That is, if want to transform your financials, sales planning and workforce with superior data sets and formidable technology. If you go through Mercer for the software, you’ll get even more bang for your buck. The consultant is a longtime Workday partner that brings a lot to the table – along with Adaptive Insights.