How to use lateral flow assay development kit step by step guide?

Every test or technique used some materials and equipment for the correct performance of that test. Like every test for lateral flow assay, we also need a specific kit equipped with all the necessary items and materials for performing the test.

You may have chosen one of the best kits for lateral flow assay, but it is also essential to learn how to use the kit for the test. We will provide you complete detail about the use of the lateral flow assay kit below content.

What includes in a kit for lateral flow assay development?

You have understood it combines all the necessary equipment and materials such as membranes, pads, and other essential materials for lateral flow assay. Some significant items are conjugate pads, sample pads, absorbent pads, lateral flow cassette, nitrocellulose membrane, and much more.

How should we use the kit?

Follow our below step-by-step guidelines for correct use of lateral flow assay development kit.

1ST Step

Your kit includes the entire necessary material; take out all the materials and place the lateral flow backing card on the flat table. Choose a smooth surface; it will be easier for your task. Once you have placed it properly, then attach the nitrocellulose membrane to that card.

2nd Step

The next task is to use the lateral flow reagent dispenser to spray antigen or antibodies onto the nitrocellulose membrane. Use the dispenser gently, and do not apply too much or too light. Once you have sprayed, then wait for some time until the nitrocellulose membrane becomes dry.

3rd step

Now you need to spray colloidal gold nanoparticles on the conjugate pad for that purpose; you can use any of those two ways. You can use a dispenser to spray the nanoparticles of colloidal gold onto that lateral flow conjugate pad, or you can also use the micropipette for that purpose. Once it has been done, wait for a couple of minutes to dry the conjugate pad, it may take two to three minutes. Try to apply a moderate quantity of liquid, not too much or too light. It will ensure the right performance of lateral flow assay development.

4th Step

Now you need to stick all the pads on the lateral flow backing card. Start with sticking the conjugate pad onto the lateral flow backing card. Once it has been done, then takes a lateral flow sample pad and sticks it onto the lateral flow backing card.

 Lastly, take the lateral flow absorbent pad and stick it onto the lateral flow backing card. It’s complete; you have done your job.

Final thoughts

Our content kit for lateral flow assay has significant importance and is used at the start of that process development. We have plenty of choices in the market but not having the best kit is enough; you also need the right way to use the Kit. We have explained the complete step-by-step process of using the kit with you in the above content.