How to Use Epoxy Resin to Create Personalized Tables

How to Use Epoxy Resin to Create Personalized Tables

Have you ever seen the amazing work that can be done using epoxy resin on wood? If so, you may have noticed the wooden tables made with epoxy resin: some are decorated with resin inlays, others are coated with a thin layer of resin imitating glass, and so on. You may even have looked up the price of buying one of these epoxy resin tables and, upon seeing it, you may have completely discarded the idea But did you know that you can create epoxy resin tables at home, the way you exactly want it. 

1. Wooden tables with glass type coating

Coating tables with a thin layer of epoxy will make them glossier and offer them more durability. The resin offers extraordinary impact resistance, making it an ideal product for this type of work. Thanks to its high transparency, it can also be ideal for encapsulating objects and vinyls on the surface of tables.

The ideal material for this type of work is an epoxy resin of extraordinary transparency and very high hardness, capable of creating a coating similar to glass. In addition, this type of resin can be colored with pigments to achieve color effects. 

2. Tables colored with epoxy resin and pigments.

Pigments can also be used to achieve different decorative effects. An example of this are tables with marbled effect, or tables with color compositions with which the surface is decorated.

Epoxy resin can be applied up to 5 centimeters thick, so it can be used for medium thickness inlays and other types of pigment creations. 

3. Epoxy river tables

These works require a somewhat greater technical deployment than the previous ones, since the process consists of creating epoxy resin tables with wood details (or vice versa), so it is necessary to obtain epoxy layers of a high thickness to create the main support of the furniture. For river tables, it is necessary to use deep pour epoxy In this regard, there are two issues to keep in mind:

– When working with high thicknesses epoxy care must be taken that no air bubbles appear both on the surface and inside.

– If you want to add color, you must use the right pigments and in the right way so that, when the resin cures, the pigments do not go to the bottom and the color is supplied evenly throughout the layer. 

The range of possibilities is as wide as your ability to imagine: you can embed led lights in the table, create colored vetoes, fill gaps in the wood with resin, etc. Here are some examples of these works:

You can also get table covers wholesale to enhance the look of your table for a better looking interior design.