How to use Comodo SSL Certificate to secure your website

The world of e-commerce thrives on customer trust. That is when the pivotal role of a Comodo SSL Certificate comes into play. Right from adding authenticity to your site, or enhancing the information security, or be it protecting your site from the clutches of cybercrime, Comodo SSL Certificate can be your best friend. This blog today will walk you through the ins and outs of this certificate and highlight on how it can secure your site.

On similar tracks, the users feel much safer when met with websites that have an URL with HTTPS instead of HTTP. If you too wish to get the secured status, tag along with a Comodo SSL Certificate. This is basically a security-enabled SSL (secured socket layer) certificate from Comodo that makes your site unhackable and safe from the wrath of the hackers.

Additionally, Comodo is said to be the largest SSL provider in the world and has an eclectic range of certificates under it. This can fit well under a small, medium, or large-sized business level organization. Some of the most prominent solutions include Positive SSL, Instant SSL, Wildcard SSL, Essential SSL, Multi Domain SSL, Premium SSL, EV SSL, and SGC SSL to name a few.

How does Comodo SSL work?

How does Comodo SSL work?

To begin with, the SSL certificates safeguard the data which gets transferred from a browser to a web server. Especially when the type of data we send out is more sensitive, say the card credentials or a social media personal post – the privacy and the security coupled with it is a big reason to worry.

How do we know that this private information that we just shared stays private and not misused in the wrong hands? Better yet, how do we govern the level of misuse that can eventually be backfired on us? Well, for all of these headaches, Comodo SSL Certificates play a pivotal role there. No matter how small data you are sharing, it will ensure that it remains protected, unhacked, and in safe hands.

The Asymmetric Encryption Method 

This protection in a Comodo SSL Certificate is driven by the asymmetric encryption method. There are mainly two keys involved in this. First is the private key and the other public key. As the name suggests, the public key is in hands of the public, as in everyone, and can be accessed by all on the internet. Whereas the private key is specifically installed in the server and is safeguarded in a private place. This is used solely for decryption purposes.

Benefits of Comodo SSL Certificate 

  • Trustworthy: The best part about acquiring a Comodo SSL Certificate is that you will not have to worry about the trust factor anymore. Being the biggest SSL certificate provider in the world, it has been trusted by over 99.9% of browsers.
  • 128/256 bit encryption: These certificates come with the highest strength 2048 bit signatures or with a 256 bit encryption which is pretty good according to market standards.
  • Generous Time Frame: The plan comes with a 90 day long term length time frame which is way better than expected. The validity is the same for most of the plans covered under the Comodo unit.
  • Gold Padlock: The certificate gives you the additional gold padlock too. In simpler terms, this means that you as a user can now peruse the site with boosted confidence when sending out sensitive or private information.

Comodo SSL Certificates – Attributes and Facets 

Most of these certificates are formed out of a strong 2048 bit signature and a 256 bit encryption. Not only that, you will not even have to think about the compatibility issues. This certificate has been tested and certified to work in almost all of the popular browsers. Plus, it is supported on mobile devices – both Android and iOS as well.

From a wide range of types, the one which is EV SSL is known to be more benefitting than the rest. Comodo provides Extended Validation certificates and it works best for medium to large-sized businesses. Once enabled, it will turn the browser bar green. This shows the users that the authentic identity of the website is well-ensured.

Further, the green signal allows you to increase your online sales and up the revenue bar. Additionally, you may use it to reduce the shopping cart abandonment issues and win over the trust and support of a customer even better.

The same goes for the Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate too. This certificate includes some of the extra features that have the ability to secure a multitude of subdomains on a single domain itself. It is absolutely hassle-free if compared to the management of a separate certificate for each and every subdomain. Aside from this, it saves you a huge amount of money as well.

The other forms of Comodo SSL certificate too have their own set of pros and pluses. You can choose from a varied range of features and advantages that make it a unique solution for all of your needs. It has now become easier than ever to stay safe from everyday cyberattacks and online criminal activities. Moreover, you get to boost up your customer’s confidence and augment the sales conversion rate as well.

That’s a Wrap

Securing your online business is crucially important if you wish to sustain it. In such a case, when hacking is seen as a cakewalk, it is more than necessary to show your audience that you are taking the business seriously and are here to safeguard their interests no matter what.

A customer will leave you in seconds if they see any sort of red alerts on your site. To prevent this from happening and to keep the churn rates at bay, you must implement safety practices. For starters, get yourself one of the Comodo SSL Certificates as fast as you can. Aside from this, update your software and system regularly.

The second you go outdated this will become a feast for the hackers to come, dine in together. Also never take a backseat from updating your passwords frequently. And do come up with a strong password. Know that your safety lies entirely in your hands. It is up to you how to show your business to the people in a safer, positive light.

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