How to use a chainsaw sharpener

How to use a chainsaw sharpener

If you’re a regular chainsaw user, you might already know and feel the importance of a sharpener as the chains often need sharpening and it’s hard to take them to hardware stores every time. But do you know that there are quite a few amazing sharpeners that you can use at the comfort of your home to sharpen your chains?

This is exactly what we’ll be discussing here today. In this article, we’ll highlight the qualities of the best chainsaw sharpener along with procedures that you need to follow to sharpen a chainsaw.

What is the best chainsaw sharpener?

The best chainsaw sharpener is one that comes with a strong build and nice structure, that is easy to handle, and is affordable. If a sharpener fits all these qualities, you will be getting yourself a tool that will make your life easier.

One thing that is a must to mention is that before purchasing a chainsaw sharpener, understand the type of your chainsaw first. The second most important thing is to know your purpose. The tasks that you perform with your chainsaw determine when you will need to sharpen it and what type of sharpener will suit it the best.

If you run thorough research, you will find a lot of chainsaw sharpeners that will fulfill your needs. You can also check fur the best consumers chainsaw sharpener review to get a clearer idea beforehand.

How to sharpen a chainsaw

Chains are bound to get blunt and dull over time. Dull chains are not only slow and tiresome but also quite dangerous. It tests your stamina as it takes much more effort and time to complete a task with a dull chain compared to the sharp one.

There are multiple ways to sharpen your chainsaw. Some use files and gauges to sharpen the blades. Others prefer to take the chains to a nearby hardware store and they take care of the rest. But it is quite expensive as sharpening the chains is not a one-time or two-time thing.

Therefore, the easier and cheaper option is to get yourself a chainsaw sharpener. It is a one-time investment as a good quality sharpener will stay for a long time at your side.

So in order to sharpen the chain, you need to take care of two major steps. The first one is to remove materials from the cutting link. This procedure means removing uneven materials from the blade so it gets sharp again and performs smoothly.

The next criteria is to make sure that the cutting depth is correct. For this, you need to examine the height of the cutting link compared to the guide link. As you get rid of materials from the cutting link, it will soon become lower after multiple times of sharpening compared to the guide link. This will eventually result in not being able to cut the wood anymore. So you need to maintain a proper balance between the cutting link and the guide link.

How often should you sharpen the chain?

This solely depends on the purpose you are using the chainsaw for. If you’re a homeowner and need to use a chainsaw for pruning only, you do not need a heavy-grade chainsaw. In this case, your blades will survive longer without any sharpening. But you’ll still need to sharpen it to make your task easier.

But if you use your chainsaw regularly to move trees or cut firewoods, you’ll need a heavy chainsaw and the blades will need sharpening more frequently. Another thing is using the chainsaw for cutting stones. Stones make the chains blunt in no time. You should not even wait for another try, rather sharpen the blades immediately after using them for cutting stones.

As you can see, choosing a chainsaw mostly depends on the purpose you need it for. It is the same for chainsaw sharpeners. If you use your chainsaw for heavy jobs regularly, you need to sharpen it regularly as well.


Q. Do you need to wear any protective measurements to guard you while sharpening?

Ans. Yes, you should. It is suggested to wear ANSI-approved eye goggles, breathing masks, and heavy-duty gloves while using a chainsaw sharpener.

Q. When should you replace your chainsaw’s chain?

Over time as you use your chainsaw, again and again, the cutting tooth of the saw will get smaller in length. It can develop some cracks as well. If the length of the longest part of the tooth gets any less than three millimeters, it’s time to replace the chain. The same goes for the cracks and breaks.

Final Words

A chainsaw sharpener can ease your life in a lot of aspects. Not only does it save you from the hassle of taking your blades to hardware stores to sharpen them up, but it also lets you sharpen the blades by yourself in the comfort of your place. You can set up a place where you generally use the chainsaw to cut woods or other stuff and place the sharpener in a comfortable position.

Just make sure to place the tool at a place that has access to plenty of lights and is not damp. Keep the place clean and dry to avoid why unpleasant accidents. It is bound for the place to get a bit messy and dirty after you use the sharpener, so keep that in mind and clean the place properly after each use.