How to teach biology effectively: tips for teachers

The literacy of science is very important to understand the other components of living. From daily life events to the big discoveries in the world, all are connected with scientific knowledge. Biology is one of the main subjects under the category of science. Biology in basic language means the study of our lives. The knowledge of living organisms and how these living bodies work can be understood by biological knowledge. This is the main reason to teach this subject to the students. The food we eat, the organs we have, the environment we live in, the plants and animals around us, and their interlinkage with one another comprise the study of biology.

In many schools and other educational institutions, the individual science subjects that are biology, chemistry, and physics are combined into environmental studies subjects for elementary learning students. When students are in classes first to fifth, they are taught only environmental studies and after that divisions of science, subjects appear in their education.

In most cases, students learn biology as a proper academic subject from the eighth or ninth standard onwards. Let us discuss the effective biology teaching tips that TGT and PGT.  can use in their teaching patterns. PGT full form is a trained graduate teacher who can teach classes up to the 10th. And PGT stands for postgraduate teachers. The below-mentioned tips will help all the teachers in this regard.

Teach biology effectively: 4 beneficial steps

  1. Organize field trips

Biology is a subject that can be related well to our surroundings and real-world examples. To teach it effectively to the students, teachers can do a lot more than textbook teaching. Helping students understand by seeing them in person is more beneficial. For example, while teaching biotic and abiotic components of life, teachers can show them the real biotic components such as plants, and animal species.

For teaching the topic types of microorganisms, teachers can show them the real specimens kept in the biology lab. The topics such as photosynthesis, chlorophyll, parts of a plant, types of flowers can be taught by taking students to the grounds, nearby gardens, etc. You can also organize field trips to

  • A zoo- by following the rules and security measures, biology teachers can take students to zoological parks.
  • Science museums – museums are full of scientific evidence which can help students understand biology well.
  • Farms- to teach students agriculture, types of crops, cattle, rearing, grazing, etc, farm visits can also be organized.
  1. Use technology

Students understand best with the help of technology. Teachers should blend teaching biology with technical aids. There are several teaching technical aids available for the teachers. For teaching and taking the assessments interestingly, teachers can use the following technical aids

  • Apps- teachers can use any education app for making students understand better. Picture cards, graphs, animations, virtual diagrams, and many other things are available to teach.
  • Online quizzes- this can be an interesting idea for assignments and revisions rather than lengthy and boring written tests. Teachers can create attractive quizzes for students. In this way, they will interact and respond more in the biology classes. The education app is supportive of designing online quizzes.
  • Powerpoint presentations- teachers can make attractive presentations to use along with giving vocal explanations to the students.
  1. Ensure interaction

Interaction with the teachers and among the students themselves is very important for completing effective teaching. Talking to students in between, asking them questions, giving them time to think and write, conducting activities for group discussions can help in this regard. It has several benefits such as :

  •  Interaction helps in better doubt solving exercises in the classes.
  • Boosts the interest of the students in learning biology.
  • By interacting and repeating in chorus, learning facts and biological terms become easy for the students.
  1. Include activities and experiments

When students will perform practically, they will understand better. Other than reading and learning from textbooks, teachers should inculcate several biological experiments and activities so that students understand better. For example

  • Planting a sampling to learn the growth of a plant.
  • Practice dissections in biology labs to understand anatomy better.
  • Perform osmosis with the help of raisins kept in water at home.
  • Collect leaf samples to see stomatal pores.


Biology is an important subject to learn and explore. With good academic performance, this scientific field also opens the scope for more career opportunities for the students. By learning and focusing on it from schooling itself, students can choose it as a career as well. For example pharmacy, teaching, medical, nursing, and research are the career scopes for the students. The above-mentioned techniques will help teachers to effectively teach biology to the students.